How the Journey healed my health

TheJourneyIn 2003, while I was diagnosed with abnormal cells in my body, my mother gifted me a book titled ‘The Journey’ written by Brandon Bays. It spoke of the process of cellular healing and how one could heal oneself. Ironically, the disease had made me vulnerable and I refused to accept any outside help exactly at the point when I needed it most. To speak the truth, that was the time when I actually needed something, some help that could bring real change in my life. I pretended to be all happy but on the inside, I was falling apart. Within that period, my father passed away and I became very devastated emotionally. The gratitude that I had for his presence in my life and the best moments spent with him, prompted me to read The Journey book. Once I began reading, I was hooked and intuitively understood that the process in the book was my key to healing and health. Since I have personally trained with Brandon Bays and use The Journey to heal completely and the abnormal cells, literally flowed out of my body. The Journey has been experienced by millions world-wide and there are thousands of stories of healing physical pain, depression, illness, career blocks, and relationship stress to create fulfilment in life, health, relationships and career.

I feel blessed to be able to share The Journey in India and humbly invite you to a free introduction in Mumbai on Sat 9th Nov, Delhi on Sun 10th Nov & Bangalore on Thurs 7th Nov. During our time together you will learn – What is the JOURNEY, how it can help to improve health, career, relationships as well as experience powerful meditations, process work and healing visualisations. To book please visit https://vitalitylivingcollege.info/bookme/