How I celebrated Diwali as a child and the difference now? Happy Diwali

How I celebrated Diwali as a child and the difference now? Happy Diwali.


“If you light a lamp for someone else it will also brighten your path.” Buddha

I was born on the day of Diwali and have fond memories of both ever; my birthday and the festival of lights.

On my special day, mom would make a special meal which according to Bengali tradition always included Kheer (rice pudding) and a spinach dish.

Dad would come home the day before bouncing with joy with a secret stash of firework. On the day itself, it would begin by being wished and been showered with gifts and new clothes.

With time, I have become much more reflective over Diwali and its significance.

Now, for me it’s a time of giving, sharing and doing my inner work, healing the past with acceptance and forgiveness and continual practice of present moment awareness.


It is no longer about feasting and fireworks.

Rather it’s about lighting the inner flame in myself and others, seeing the gleam of diyas in the eyes of others and recognising the goodness.

Diwali is not for a day, it is for life.

And you might be wondering, how can you awaken the light within yourself and others. So to do exactly that, here are the

3 keys to making your light shine bright:

1. Quiet time

Regenerating  yourself from within by spending quiet time in solitude with yourself that creates an inner calm and confidence.


2. Contribution

Sharing with others what is of value to them, for example spending time with your loved ones, making others smile as well as donating clothes, food and education to the needy.


3. Inner healing

Taking the time to clear the past hurts, blame and negativity using your preferred healing method, for example Emotional Freedom Techniques.


In closing my message is stop bursting fire crackers, instead burst negativity, poverty and ill-health and light the everlasting inner flame in yourself and others.

Shine Bright! Shine like a Diamond.


Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD)

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