Healing and forgiveness

I love this article written in the Times of India on Healing and Forgiveness and the therapeutic benefits of releasing emotions like a child. It is an interview with Brandon Bays, founder of the Journey and how the process can heal trauma as well as Karmic issues. Brandon shares “When you release your emotions freely like a child, your cells eject accumulated traumas, karmas, and you become more understanding and forgiving.” In the article she shares how The Journey can access repressed emotions, cell memories, old karmic patterns and traumas through a process of inquiry and opening and expanding to the infinite intelligence to enable healing and forgiveness.Once the root of any issue is discovered and cleared the body goes about the natural process of healing it self and coming back into balance.

The Journey is also supported by the work of the scientist Candace Pert, who documented in her book Molecules of Emotions that suppressing emotions can lead to cell receptors becoming blocked. In converse, releasing emotions freely can cause the receptors to open up and for healing to occur.

Brandon Bays’s Guru Pajaji called the work “Energy Medicine” and recommended she only teach from direct experience. He shared that the root of all illness was a lack of forgiveness. It is one of the few therapeutic tools that works at the level of the soul and integrates forgiveness after emptying out the cells fully of the stored past pain or trauma.

To find out more you can download a free booklet on The Journey, which also includes the first chapter from The Journey book. https://vitalitylivingcollege.info/free-resources/

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Healing and Forgiveness Part 2

Healing and Forgiveness Part 3