"Welcome with all my heart to a life of love, forgiveness, joy and happiness."

Love Rangana

It was so wonderful connecting with you at the EMOTIONAL WELLNESS SEMINAR. 

On this page you will find: 

  • The exact presentation from the Emotional Wellness Seminar
  • Relaxation techniques based on Japanese Medicine
  • The summary of the tapping process
  • Energy medicine exercises to boost immunity, release anger and balance energy
  • The video replay, questions & answers and manual from a previous seminar: EFT Masterclass 


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Slides from the Emotional Wellness Seminar  

The Emotional Wellness Seminar Video Recordings  

What is Emotional Wellness & How to Get It? What is EFt & How does it work?

Question & Answer Session at the end of the Emotional Wellness Seminar

Your Questions Answered  


The EFT Masterclass Video Recordings  

The Main Teaching About What is EFT & How it Works?

Question & Answer Session at the end of the EFT Masterclass. 

The EFT Masterclass Companion Manual 

In this manual which is a companion to the masterclass you will find the following information:

  • What is EFT?
  • Which celebrities are using EFT?
  • How EFT addresses the root cause?
  • The science and clinical evidence 
  • Personal experiences of EFT

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1. Identify the problem by asking yourself, what am I stressed about and how does that make me feel?

2. Measure the problem by asking yourself on a scale of 1 to 10, where is high severity what number is the problem at.

3. Tap on the side of the hand (also known as the Karate Chop) of one hand gently with the middle three fingers of the other hand, and say and believe the following  statement: “Even though I am faced with…(state specific, detailed problem – what you feel, the severity number), I deeply and completely accept  myself. Repeat 3 times.

4. Tap each point seven times as you say a phrase from each problem’s statement. 

Repeat key phrases out loud while tapping on the following points:

  • Eyebrow – at the edge of the eyebrow just above the nose
    Beside the eye – on the bone bordering the outer corner of the eye
  • Under the eye – on the bone just under the eye
  • Under the nose– between the bottom of the nose and the upper lip
  • Chin – midway between the point of the chin and the lower lip
  • Collarbone– at the junction where the breastbone, collarbone, and first rib meet
  • Under arm – under the arm about 10cm from the armpit
  • Thumb – on the outside of the thumb, in linewith the base of the nail
  • Index finger – on the side of the index finger closest to the thumb, in line with the base of the nail (refrain if pregnant)
  • Middle finger – on the side of the middle finger closest to the index finger, in line with the base of the nail
  • Little finger – on the side of the little finger closest to the ring finger
  • Karate Chop– on the edge of the hand(refer to diagram

5. To begin the final clearing stage, tap on the Karate Cop again with the following  statement: “Even though I am faced with…(state specific, detailed problem – what you feel, the severity number), I deeply and completely accept  myself. 

6. Relax, inhale gently, then exhale gently. Take a sip of water.
It is important to drink water to flush out the toxins that this treatment will release.

7. To test the results, measure the problem again from 1 to 10. Notice how the problem and associated emotions have been altered in severity. If any emotional charge persists, repeat all step still you feel liberated.


To release anger

To balance energy

To boost the immune system


Finger holds for Relaxation - This simple method is based on an ancient medicine from Japan, known as Jin Shin Jhytsu (JSJ). All it involves is to hold the fingers to feel relaxed.

Hold the fingers one by one and keep breathing noticing yourself coming into stillness and just this moment. Breathe in for 6 and breathe out for 6.

A great way to remember which finger has which emotion is CLEAR Worry FAST:

  • Thumb = Worry (sucking the thumb as a child),
  • F-Fear
  • A-Anger
  • S-Sadness
  • T-Trying Too Hard. 

Then place the palm on palm to harmonise despondency. Breathe in and out 9 times and hold for 20 minutes to open into the Ocean of Bliss. Repeat daily as part of a self help stress relief and relaxation routine.


Clearing Negative Energy & Feel Boosted 

Deep Relaxation with 6 Count breathing



This track is based on a technology called Inner Talk. The theme is forgiveness and letting go which is ideal to create harmony in and outside the home. 

"When I lived in Hull, I used to have a couple living next door and they were constantly fighting. I could hear them shouting at each other through the paper thin walls of the semi-detached house. I could not sleep at night. That was when I  came across this track based on scientific principles of sound healing and used to play it at low volume in a loop in the background and carry on with my chores in the house and I would find that harmony would instil. Now you do not need to use this track to calm fighting, you can use it for yourself too. To create an atmosphere of peace around and inside you. After all love is for giving."

You can play it in the background and at a normal or even low volume or you can listen to it with ear phones and sit in meditation. The tracks are embedded with positive affirmations based on the science of healing. As the body is 70% water, the sound waves directly penetrate the cells of the body to heal and create inner and outer harmony.


  1. Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins
  2. Breathe in for 6 counts and out for 6 counts, as often as you remember
  3. Complete the finger holds for relaxation on waking and going to sleep
  4. Complete a daily tapping sequence

 "Even though I feel [ADD YOUR FEELING], and its at a number [ADD NUMBER] in my [BODY PART], I deeply and completely love and accept myself."