Dileepen healed his foot to run a marathon and then his eyesight healed

DileepenDileepen healed his foot to run a marathon and then his eyesight healed after The Journey Seminar

“I started in 2013 by doing the Journey intensive programme with Rangana, right in the first week! Having never heard or read about it until 10 days prior to the first session, I believe it was a miracle that I was led to following the programme. During my first physical Journey session, a rather debilitating stress injury in my calf muscles and knee cleared up. This allowed me to run my first half marathon within 3 weeks following the session, with practically no practice in the month leading up to it, and with no physical trauma at all, either during, or after, the race. I was able to do this, despite never having run more than 11 km ever before – it was truly a miracle! There were other remarkable things too, e.g. another Journey session helped improve my eyesight significantly.” Dileepen Ragunathan, Business Entrepreneur, NLP Practitioner & Breakthrough Coach

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Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD) is Founder & CEO of Vitality Group Companies and has personally touched the lives of over 10,000 people in over 44 countries. She is a sought after dynamic international speaker, engaging author, heart centred trainer and transformational coach.