Partnership Program India

Partnership Program
I am delighted to announce a partnership program where EFT Practitioners are welcome to facilitate free introductions to EFT. You can invite your friends and family and share tapping with them. This is a great way to make people aware of EFT and to grow your private practice.  If you wish to have access to the feee EFT INTRODUCTION KIT – just send me an email and will send you details on the requirements and how to access the kit. 
You are welcome to share details of the training with your friends and family too. I now offer a token gift in exchange for anyone you refer and subsequently books onto training. This is for their very first booking and applicable for all entry level seminars. You are also welcome to pass the token gift onto the person you refer onto training. The token gift per person per seminar is as follows:
EFT 1 & 2 three days – Rs 1450
EFT 1& 2 and MATRIX package booked together – Rs 2900
Journey Seminars – Rs 1650
NLP Program – Rs 4800
Payment is made by cheque or on-line transfer and can also be exchanged for attending training or re-attending as an Assist team member.  
For example, previously 11 graduates re-attended as Assist team members free of charge, 6 students attended EFT 1&2 as a guest, 2 students attended EFT 3 as a guest place for referring their friends and 3 students deducted their gift off the NLP fees.  
EFT Ambassador
An EFT Ambassador is an EFT Graduate who wants to take on more of a pro-active role in establishing themselves as a local EFT expert and also at the same time get the word out about the Training programs and be compensated financially. Previous Ambassadors have earned the following amounts:
Rs 32500
Rs 15500
Rs 12500
Rs 11550
Rs 9900
Payments above Rs 30000 are subject to 10% taxation by law. 
If you would like to get involved more pro-actively and spread EFT in your local area as well as partner with Vitality Living College and become an EFT Ambassador, then please send me an e-mail and I will book time to have a conversation with you on what is entailed.