Journey Grad

Congratulations on completing three day intensive Journey Training.

Please send request to join the Facebook JOURNEY GRAD INDIA, FAR EAST AND MIDDLE EAST group. It is a worldwide support group for anyone who has completed the 3 day Journey Program with Vitality Living College.

On this link you will find my format for the JOURNEY-APPOINTMENT-LETTER-TEMPLATE

Below is a live audio recording of the Healing Sand Meditation from The Journey Seminar. This is for your own private use.

Given below is the Recipe for the essential oils which filled the room during the seminar. Please use 30 drops of pre-mix for a 500ml bottle. Top it up with water, preferably bottled/filtered as tap water can ‘turn’ the flavour and make it smell bad.

Pre-mix Ratio for Spray Bottles of 500ml20 drops         Grapefruit10 drops         Lavendar5 drops           Geranium2 drops           Surgical spirit

Journey Scripts:

The music list is as follows with ITunes links. You can also watch some of  the music videos on YouTube below.