Inner Child Matrix Practitioner Graduates

Welcome to the Vitality Living College EFT Community
and world-wide family of graduates

Congratulations on completing the Inner Child Matrix Training to become professionally qualified as an Inner Child Matrix Practitioner. 

On this page are the resources promised during class like an electronic copy of your manuals, appointment letter examples, plus certification details.

Training Manuals

1. This is the manual to get started with for the Inner Child Matrix Training 

The Slides From Training - Day by Day

1. Introduction to Inner Child Matrix Process

2. How to clear past trauma, beliefs and shock

3. How to work with trauma and a real life issue

4. What is the body field and how to heal beliefs

5. How to work with Health & Wellness

6. How to work with Relationships

7. How to work with Money & Wealth

8. The Life Purpose Process

Shaking Meditation

Best completed in the late afternoon or near sunset. This meditation involves shaking, dancing, stillness and silence.

The first part is shaking where it's a bouncing movement from the belly up and down. This helps to release  shock, trauma and stored emotions.

Eventually you will find the body takes over and shakes on its own. Body parts that need to release trauma, shock and the freeze response will do so on their own.

The second part is free flow dancing which stimulates happy chemicals and starts to make the connection with source. The next part is stillness while listening to music that clears and heals.

The final part is silence which can be lying down or sitting. 

1. Shaking - 15 minutes

2. Dancing - 15 minutes

3. Being still in meditation - 15 minutes

4. Silence - 15 minutes

5. Closing Gong

The Life Purpose & Rebirthing Meditation

The Living Matrix Movie

Simple explanation of what is PTSD

How childhood trauma can cause PTSD

The Science of the Heart - The Living Matrix

The Body Field - The Living Matrix

The Medical Revolution - The Living Matrix

The Freeze Response

Dog Telepathy Experiment - Rupert Sheldrake

Telepathy Experiments - Rupert Sheldrake

Morphic Fields - Rupert Sheldrake

The Secret - Rhonda Byrne 

The Intention Experiment - Lynne Mctaggart

Healing through feeling - Gregg Braden

What the Bleep do we know? 

Down the Rabbit Hole of the Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser 

The Intention Experiment - Lynne Mctaggart

As part of your on-going integration do put in place a self-development program, which can include:

1. Weekly salt bath or shower with Lavender for next 4 weeks. Sea salt or rock salt is ideal. This will help draw out the toxins from the body.

2. Inner Child Matrix swap sessions with fellow graduates. What this means is to book weekly sessions with another Matrix graduate. Recommend weekly swap sessions for at least 6 weeks after the course. You can alternate between giving and receiving. When you give a swap session you will notice that you also receive.

3. A daily routine that uplifts you and makes you feel good. Some examples below:

  • Sending out your new vibration (colour, texture, sound, taste, fragrance) to the field and daily meditation from the heart radiating out how the image makes you feel.
  • Kundalini Shaking Meditation, ideal at the end of the day

4. Breathing exercises. Breathe in for 6 and out for 6 counts every 1.5 hours.

5. Drinking enough water to hydrate your cells as well as flush out toxins (half your (llb) body weight in ounces). So 160 Llbs weight=80 ounces=2 liters

6. A daily meditation practice that works for you

Music Playlist from  Seminar

I have placed either the i tunes or you tube link to the music played in class. You can purchase on-line or in any good music store.