EFT Level 3 Grads

For Graduates of EFT Advanced Practitioner (Level 3)

Welcome to the Vitality Living College EFT family.

Congratulations on completing Internationally Certified EFT Advanced Practitioner Training. You now know how to get to core issues and clear them from the root enabling emotional freedom, health and wholeness.

EFT Advanced PractitionerInternational approved EFT Advanced Practitioner Certificate is awarded on successful completion of the following within one year of attending the course:

  • Three days EFT Advanced Practitioner training
  • Completion of at least 4 case sessions after EFT Level 1&2 (this can be completed as professional client sessions or during the swap meets or swap sessions) or attendance of Matrix Reimprinting, before attendance of EFT Advanced Practitioner
  • Submission of 9 case studies on others, each min one hour sessions (Ideally 3 sessions each on 3 different people) and at the start of each series of sessions an appointment letter must be sent as well as intake questionnaire. The intake questionnaire must be submitted along with case study write up
  • 1 case study conducted on self (new requirement for those who attend training after January 1st 2017)
  • 6 hours of pre-certification supervision (this is post-course and requires attendance of supervision day or review of training where additional supervision is provided)
  • Complete a minimum of 50 EFT sessions (or “practice hours”) working with at least 20 different individuals at the discretion of the Trainer. Each EFT session must be a minimum of 45-minutes in length.Templates attached below.
  • A one page write up on your personal development with EFT, also known as Practice Review
  • Submission of EFT Advanced Practitioner Exam (questionnaire and template below)
  • Be observed during a live demonstration, or submission of one audio/video conducting a one hour session using EFT Advanced Practitioner skills (you can re-attend the course as an Assist team member or Swap Meet and show your skills live)
  • Commitment to VLC CPD & SUPERVISION REQUIREMENTS DEC 2016 as well as sign up to Vitality Living College Practitioner Code of Conduct and Ethics.
  • Complete any additional, discretionary requirements as outlined by the AAMET Master Trainer / Supervising Mentor during the certification process. Mentors may require additional client sessions / practice hours, 1-to-1 mentoring meetings or case studies as needed to complete their assessment.

Some resources for you are as follows:

Recommended Reading Material:

  • Zero Limits – Joe Vitale
  • The Dark Side of Light Chasers – Debbie Ford
  • TAT – Tapas Acupressure Technique – Tapas Flemming
  • Z point – Grant Connolly