EFT Practitioner Graduates

Welcome to the Vitality Living College EFT Community
and world-wide family of graduates

Congratulations on completing the 4 day EFT Foundational & Practitioner Training for self healing or to become professionally qualified.

On this page are the resources promised during class like appointment letter examples, plus certification details and music playlist. 

Must Read Information to become an EFT Certified Practitioner 

Here you will find information on the code of conduct as a Practitioner in Training and when you become a Practitioner as well as the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements, which includes recording the Supervision & Mentoring hours.

You can record your CPD hours on this CPD & Supervision hours Record Log Sheet

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Link to free EFT Booklet to provide to friends families and clients. 

As a graduate of Vitality Living College you are now invited to join:

A Whats App support group where you can share your learning's, insights, cases and questions - anything that further's your personal and professional EFT development. If you have not received the invite, please Whats App message +919920454749

The EFT Facebook Community and support group. It is a secret group so you can post insights, learnings, questions as well as case information.

EFT Practitioner Certification requirements

In order to become an internationally approved Certified EFT Practitioner you need to:

1. Submit in one e-mail to your trainer your case studies, answers to the multiple choice test and practice session log sheet (for those who completed training after April 2016). Your need to submit your multiple choice, case studies and practice log ideally within 6 months and no later than 12 months. Submissions beyond 12 months may require you to re-sit the training either as an Assist team member or as a re-sit. On submission it takes approximately 6-8 weeks to review the case studies.

2. Prior to submission and certification, complete 6 hours of one to one or group mentoring or supervision with your Trainer. These may have already been built into your EFT Training program as well as case study requirements with Vitality Living College due to the additional hours which include practice sessions, reflections and supervision. You are encouraged to complete at least 6 additional supervision hours by posting your questions, insights and learnings on the Facebook or What's App support group.

3. Once you submit your case studies you are also agreeing to the Vitality Living College:

You can keep a log of your CPDs using the CPD & Supervision hours record log sheetThere is no requirement to submit your record sheet unless asked to do so by your Trainer as part of spot checks. It is best to keep your records upto date on a quarterly basis and definitely on an annual basis. You are fully in charge of your own record keeping.

4. For the case studies a total of 18 one hour sessions needs to be submitted, where 6 of the case sessions can be on yourself and the remaining 12 on other people. For the 12 sessions you can complete 6 sessions per person working with 2 people. It is best to let your case study clients in advance that you are seeking commitment for 6 sessions in total, in advance. The 6 sessions on your self can be as part of personal peace/self help, swap sessions with a buddy or professional sessions booked with a Practitioner (our practitioners has agreed to provide sessions at a 50% discount for our alumni). For detailed instructions on the requirements please refer to the Case study guidance manual for Practitioners in Training, which also has an example of a sample case study. With the Case studies please ensure you provide your learnings and observations for each session and what did you learn as the person who gave the session? What did you learn about yourself, the process and your client.

5. On submitting your case studies and multiple choice allow 6-8 weeks for a full review to be completed. If there are any additional questions you will receive a phone call, e-mail or SMS message to gain clarity. In some cases additional work may be required and will become clear following a conversation or suitable communication that is supportive and helpful.

6. On successful competition of the 4 day training, 6 hours pre-certification mentoring and supervision and case studies EFT Certified Practitioner is awarded.

7. Complete 50 practice hours with a minimum of 20 people keeping a simple log with Name, Date of Sessions and one sentence on the nature of the session. You can use the template below:

Record of Practice Sessions

8. To maintain your Certified Practitioner status and in order to be recommended preferentially, you must complete annually 6 hours of group or one to one supervision with your trainer. The Supervision hours may take the form of a one to one appointment, re-attending training as an assist team member, attending EFT Advanced Practitioner Training or Inner Child Matrix Training as well as asking questions and sharing learnings on the EFT Facebook community, What's app or e-mail.

In addition to one to one or group supervision you will also need to complete 24 hours of continuing professional development which can take the form of reading a book on EFT, running an introduction to EFT, attending an EFT Swap Meet, Self work or Personal Peace Procedure, Watching a video on EFT, write your learnings of your EFT Journey,  participate in the What's App and Facebook support groups, attending a seminar or course in the field of alternate health or coaching. It is really easy to complete the 24 hours as it is part of a continual learning and development process.

9. Once you become Certified I will also give you access to a FREE on-line kit to teach yourself how to deliver FREE introductions to EFT.

Jin Shin Jhysu Exercises taught during class

Finger holds for Relaxation

During our time together I also shared the finger holds with you. This is based on a Japanese Ancient medicine known as Jin Shin Jhytsu (JSJ).

Hold the fingers one by one and keep breathing noticing yourself coming into stillness and just this moment. Breathe in for 6 and breathe out for 6.

A great way to remember which finger has which emotion is CLEAR Worry FAST. Thumb = Worry (sucking the thumb as a child), F-Fear, A-Anger, S-Sadness & T-Trying Too Hard. Then place the palm on palm to harmonise despondency. Breathe in and out 9 times and hold for 20 minutes to open into the Ocean of Bliss. Repeat daily as part of a self help stress relief and relaxation routine.

For more self help flows, including Main Central and Opposite Fingers and Toes visit - JSJ Touch Therapy

Below you will find some energy medicine exercises

Cross Crawl to balance energy - excellent to overcome learning difficulties and energy imbalances integrating left and right hemisphere

Tap down the back from the neck to the lower back in a downward motion. This is really great for children.

Swiso to cleanse the energy in the body

Tap along while paying attention to what is being release and allowed.

Music Playlist

I have placed either the i tunes or you tube link to the music played in class. You can purchase on-line or in any good music store.

*CPD=Continuing Professional Development