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EFT is a tapping techniques that involves tapping on accupressure points while saying statements out loud.

Can EFT Tapping Help To Gain Confidence?

Can EFT Tapping Help To Gain Confidence

EFT Tapping for ConfidenceThis article talks about what unshakeable confidence is, how it is different from self-esteem and the ways in which EFT Tapping can help one gain unshakeable confidence.Imagine coming from a low-income family and still somehow managing to study in one of the high-end boarding schools with a lot of complexes rooting from […]

The Personal Peace Procedure with EFT Tapping

Personal Peace With EFT Tapping

How to Conduct Personal Peace with EFT On Yourself?What is Personal Peace Procedure with EFT Tapping? The 3 different methods of Personal Peace as part of a daily relaxation routine, to let go of the past, or to work through a deeper issue.ABOUT PERSONAL PEACE PROCEDURE| DAILY RELAXATION PRACTICE | WORKING WITH PAST MEMORIES | TELL THE STORY […]

How To Heal Thyroid With The Help Of EFT Tapping?

Heal Thyroid with Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT tapping for thyroidIn this article, you will be knowing about Thyroid in detail: its types, symptoms, and how you can heal the same with the help of EFT Tapping. One evening, I crossed paths with my old school teacher. I found her exercising on the footpath. I was happy seeing her and couldn’t resist asking […]

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