Can dreams really manifest?

Dreams into realityDreams. The word itself is full of hope, fantasy and faith, isn’t it? It can mean so many things – A vision, an imagination, a goal, a wish. Every one of us has dreamt of having something – a house, a child, a career, a partner, a car, growth, anything!

How does it feel when you think about receiving what you have been dreaming about? Breathe into it. How would you feel when you have it? What would you see, hear or do? See and feel the way your loved ones would react to you getting what you wanted. Really feel it!

It feels amazing, doesn’t it? Even if all of us have different dreams, each dream has so much passion, so much love! Yet, some of us have difficulty finding that, which we have always wanted. Some of us already know what we want, we just do not know how to get it! While the rest of us are just looking for that one thing in life that would make us feel like we are on top of the world!

What is stopping us on this path to finding our destination, to fulfilling our own desires? Maybe all that we really need to do is believe in this dream, believe in ourselves and believe that the difference that exists between the two, is only temporary.

That’s where NLP and Breakthrough coaching comes in. It transform the dream from a distant wish into a reality by eliminating the doubts, fears and resistances to living the life you always wanted and then it gets you into a mind-set where the new reality can be created effortlessly.

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