Boosted EFT Practitioners

Atisha Batra, Mumbai, India

Starting as a jeweller, Atisha experienced chronic headaches due to hyperprolactinoma, which was deemed incurable by doctors. She also received a thyroid label but was able to heal from it. Atisha now helps young adults and adults overcome emotional blocks, health labels, relationship hardships, and trauma. She provides therapy, compassion, and support to help individuals achieve overall wholeness in different areas of their lives.

EFT Advanced Practitioner, Inner Child Matrix Practitioner, NLP & Breakthrough Coach, Journey Practitioner in Training

English. Face to face & online. 

Adults & Young Adults .

Amita Singh, Mumbai, India

A software professional for 15 years and spiritual seeker, Amita Singh was at rock bottom when she was diagnosed with a neuro muscular disorder, Myasthenia Gravis in 2010, it was day to day struggle to cope with physical pain, muscle dysfunction and not able to lead normal life. She was later diagnosed with cancer. She has lived through traumatic relationship.

Practicing alternative healing modalities helped her cope with emotional blocks and physical pain. A friend introduced her to VLC and she learned EFT. In a short time, she overcame her chronic emotional pain due to feelings of helplessness, unworthiness, and unloved, which put relief to physical pain. Realizing that the core of all dis-ease and illness is suppressed and unreleased emotions, she now helps people overcome relationship trauma, emotional and physical pain by helping them connect with themselves to gain self-confidence, self-love, and compassion.

EFT Practitioner, Reiki master, Limitless living practitioner in training.

English, Hindi & Marathi

Adults, Young Adults and Children

Babita Kapoor, Delhi, India

"EFT helped Babita thaw all the emotions she had frozen within herself, thus liberating her from aches, pains, fears, and self-doubt. It made her stand in her power and gave her a new lease of life in the empty nest phase of life. She is an emotional well-being coach and helps women and young adults cope with day-to-day stresses, feel confident, calm, fearless, pain-free, and happy."

EFT practitioner, Inner child Matrix practitioner, NLP breakthrough coach, Reiki Master & Holistic health coach

 English, Hindi, Face to face and online

Dr Chetana Jindani
Aurangabad, India

That's great! Helping others achieve complete physical and emotional well-being can be very rewarding and fulfilling.

EFT Practitioner, Inner Child Matrix Practitioner,  MBBS, MD Physiology

English, Hindi & Marathi

Adults, Children & Teenagers

Maansi Pillai, Pune, India

I specialize in helping people to perform at their best in business and relationship affairs. I particularly enjoy working with adults to help them achieve breakthroughs in personal mastery. Over the course of my career, I have worked independently with 1500 individuals and have honed my personal skills accordingly. In addition to my work in coaching and personal development, I also have experience as a cancer researcher. Furthermore, I have successfully healed myself from epilepsy.

EFT Practitioner, EFT Advanced Practitioner, NLP Practitioner & Coach, Stress Management Consultant, Business and Relationship Coach, Facilitator for Access Bars, Facelift and Body Process, Intuitive Healer with Body Whispering


Love working with adults to get breakthrough in personal mastery

Navneet Grewal
Canada & India

With a background in HR and Training spanning over a decade, Navneet quit her job to follow her passion for empowering and healing others. She successfully healed herself from unwanted emotions and now helps people of all age groups to overcome emotional blocks, trauma, anxiety, fears, and depression. Navneet's ultimate goal is to help her clients become peaceful, emotionally strong, and lead happy and fulfilling lives.

EFT Practitioner, Inner Child Matrix Practitioner, NLP Practitioner & Coach, Holistic Health Coach, Reiki and Magnified Healing

English, Hindi, Punjabi, Face to face & Online 

Adults and Children

Sonal Sinha, Mumbai, India

I am a certified EFT Practitioner and currently in training to become a practitioner for Inner Child Matrix. My area of expertise lies in helping people overcome self-doubt, trauma, and emotional pain. Through my services, I aim to empower my clients and provide them with the tools to heal themselves and achieve personal growth.

EFT Practitioner, Inner Child Matrix Practitioner

English, Hindi & Marathi

Adults, Children & Teenagers

Dr Swati Kini, Mumbai, India

I love working one-on-one and with groups to facilitate the change that my clients seek. I have been in this field since 2010 and I'm passionate about working with others. I have seen the transformative power of the tools I have learned and I'm eager to share them with others. My ultimate goal is to help my clients achieve personal growth and positive change.

EFT Practitioner, Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, Reconnective healing practitioner, Access bars practitioner, Access talk to the entities Practitioner


Adults, Children & Teenagers

Dr Urvi Khaire, Mumbai, India

Helping others heal themselves has always been a strong motivation for me. I am naturally empathetic, and it is easy for me to build rapport with young people. I have learned to surrender and let things happen, which has been an important part of my personal growth. I can conduct sessions in both Marathi and Hindi, and I have become patient, confident, and self-accepting over time.

EFT Practitioner, Inner Child Matrix Practitioner

English, Hindi & Marathi

Adults, Children & Teenagers

Anita Belinda, Mumbai, India

I am a post-graduate in Commerce with over 20 years of experience in the fields of Education, Administration, Marketing, Soft Skills Training, and Quality Coaching. In addition to my professional background, I am also a certified Law of Attraction, EFT, Magnified Healing, and Access Bars Practitioner. I have conducted numerous workshops on personality enhancement, public speaking, creative writing, right brain development, law of attraction, and energy healing for students and adults alike.

EFT Practitioner, Certified Access Bars Practitioner, Magnified Healing and Law of Attraction Coach.

English, Hindi & Marathi

Adults, Children & Teenagers