I won over my fear of driving in just 20 mins at the Breakthrough Coaching

According to the experts, one among 10 people have experienced phobia at some point in their lives, driving being one of the most common. For some simply sitting behind the steering wheel is something that triggers anxiety in them. The levels of anxiety varies from mild anxiety to severe panic attacks. While some people with phobias feel a bit nervous when they have to drive, the others can barely even cope and sit in the car.

So is the story of Binita Das, COO of Mums at Work, who was in the clutches of her fear to an extent where the mere thought of driving used to make her anxious. But, unlike most of them, she refused to give in to her fear and chose a path lesser known to people to win over her fear of driving.

20 minutes into the Breakthrough Coaching with NLP she started driving.  Her fear of driving no longer limits her from hitting the roads. You’ll be amazed to know what actually made the difference. Watch her story right here –