Are you home yet? The 7 steps to Blissful Living

My soul was ushered with
A wave of bliss,
A gleam of divinity,
A spring of eternal glory,
An emission of ecstasy,
I was Home.

Are you home yet? Blissful Living

It was just another beautiful day of my vacations near Dharamshala, North of India, when I chose to spend some time with myself in the woods. Woods, what a mesmerizing place to be. The stillness of the place was enchanting. The soft breeze was caressing my face as I sat in the lap of those charming pine trees. Amidst the serenity of the atmosphere, I felt connected to the Self. That was the day, I came Home to utter bliss.

When you awaken your true self, you feel that you have arrived at your destination, your Home. The moment you transform and awaken spiritually, you will feel your inner self spreading its wings and taking a flight, meeting the boundless sky of enlightenment. Reverberating with the mystical winds and soaring up high into the spiritual aliveness. That will be the Ultimate. To be able to feel the presence of the source of endless energy and liveliness within oneself is a true gift. It dwells in the immortal spirit in the form of BLISS.

The sense of unlimited joy and happiness, the nexus of calmness and aliveness, the horizon where solitude and exuberance meet, the complete negation of sorrow and dejection. Isn’t all this blissful living?

Here are 7 ways to empower yourself and lead a blissful life-

  1. Be in the present. Let go of the past. Clear all the clutter in your mind and release all the unnecessary thoughts. Live in the ‘now’. Start each moment afresh.
  2. Practice solitude. Spend time with yourself. Just be alone and observe how you connect to the inner self.
  3. Become aware. Be conscious of what you are holding onto and what you are letting go. Know that each event has something to teach.
  4. Indulge yourself in helping others. Work towards helping others. Helping instills a sense of contentment and leaves you feeling blissful.
  5. Welcome change with open arms. Don’t hesitate to adapt to new concepts. Look at the various possibilities with an optimistic view. After all, Change is the only constant.
  6. Tap away the negativity. Be free by using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to tap on the acupressure points while saying words out loud, to create a sense of well-being and freedom
  7. Heal and renew yourself. Connect with the source of life. Use the powerful ability of ‘The Journey’ to dispel the darkness and let the light enter you. Enlighten yourself and evoke the true sense of blissful living.

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open the doors where there were only walls” Joseph Campbell.

Break yourself free from those walls and journey into the world of bliss, stillness and serenity. I am sure, you too will reach Home.