Cancer Awakens

Cancer Awakens

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Our trusted partner, Cancer Awakens examines and supports what it takes to live through cancer: first as a “survivor”, then as a “thriver”.  The site provides information, tips and stories on how complementary approaches –  physical, psychological, social and spiritual – can support one’s cancer experience and work alongside mainstream treatments.

Here is a selection of content from their website.

1. So you have cancer?

Nilima & Vijay Bhat’s healing journey through cancer, based on a holistic and integrated approach….

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2. What is Holistic & Integrated?

Healing results from treating the ‘whole person’ with an effective combination of different healing systems….

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3. Survivor or Thriver, who do you want to be?

Can you thrive because of your cancer experience? If these stories are any evidence, it is certainly possible….

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