7 Ways to Overcome Resistance to Healing

 7 Ways to Overcome Resistance to Healing
ignoringWhat gets bigger the more you push it away? Personal issues! We’re commonly taught in New Age circles that one should only focus on the positive things in life and not on the negative, because what you focus on magnifies. This is partially true, but there is a huge caveat when it comes to positive thinking- What You Resist, Persists! Resistance to healing the true core issues that are impeding us is what causes stagnation, little to no results in healing, and may often make us feel worse. This is why sometimes it isn’t always best to use positive thinking or affirmations when it comes to your issues, because it is more a matter of using the right tool for the job when dealing with resistance.
Many a times when we are focusing on healing, we tend to achieve great results with more minor issues, like getting rid of that annoying itch from the bug bite or feeling more energetic during work. However, when it comes to those huge issues, we tend to skirt around the edges instead of going head-on right into it, because it is natural for us to feel daunted and scared of fully delving into it.
Before you start, a helpful tip to get you motivated to tackle the resistance is understanding that your constant pushing away of resistance is what makes it grow stronger and more chaotic, as well as leading to your core issues festering beneath the surface issues. By dealing with it once and for all, you will notice that your surface issues
and symptoms effortlessly and permanently vanish, without using force and willpower- you simply won’t feel the need to overeat, overspend, procrastinate, and so on, especially in the particular situations tend to trigger you.
Here are 7 easy steps to get on track to eliminating your resistance in healing once and
for all:








1. Welcome the resistance- Instead of fighting the resistance, this time, allow it to be present. The process of welcoming your resistance is taught during The Journey Healing Program. Give space for your resistance welcome it, and let it know that it is okay; this calms the mind and eases the nervous system causing a relaxation response.

2. Accept the resistance and do nothing: Fully feel the resistance and don’t do anything. Allow it to come up in complete totality. You may initially feel the need to distract yourself with your phone, internet surfing, food or something else. Don’t give in and be firm in allowing resistance to come through, no matter how overwhelming it feels.

3. Ask the right questions: Asking truly powerful questions will enable you to feel safe, as well as access what is really going beneath the surface of the resistance. For example, during Breakthrough Coaching with NLP, there are a set of questions known as Secondary Gain, which uncovers the true purpose of resistance and allows you to contemplate what life would be like when you still get the benefit from resistance, yet simultaneously be free from it.
4. Create a feeling of safety: Resistance is a defence mechanism to keep you safe.  Understand that resistance is a feedback signal, informing you that there is some fear with a particular issue. Treat it only as what it is- only an indicator, but that doesn’t mean you need to follow the indicator and avoid the resistance.
5. Have a dialogue with the resistance: Engage your resistance in a dialogue and ask it the reason it has come.  Your resistance may first want to throw a bit of a tantrum for taking so long to listen up! Tell it that you’re grateful for it having kept you safe all these years, but now you’re a grown-up, you’re strong enough to take on that big, scary issue that resistance has protected you from for so long.
6. Tapping on the Karate Chop point: In EFT we begin any healing by tapping the karate chop. This is because there can sometimes be resistances to healing such. Tapping the karate chop points clears out resistance to healing very smoothly, and ensures that healing can be facilitated very quickly.

7. The power prayer and intention: Sometimes, we forget all about the simple yet powerful forces of prayers and setting intentions. When we open up our problems to God, the Universe, or Divine Beings, we open up a pathway for healing and miracles to take place. When we set intentions, we are setting a direction to align our energies and actions for receiving the healing and miracles to take place. Sometimes it might be a matter of simply turning over your issues to a higher power to aid and guide us.

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