5 Inspirational Quotes From Celebrities Who Survived Breast Cancer

1. Grammie Award Winning Singer Sheryl Crow saves herself

Sheryl Crow won 9 grammies and sold 30 million records and was about to marry Tour De France legend Lance Armstrong when she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It changed her and her life. She ended up having a lumpectomy, radiation and moved to a small town in the US with her adopted son Wyatt. Any diagnosis is traumatic, let alone one that results in removing a body part. It can be challenging to cope and have some sense of emotional balance.

2. Designer Betsy Johnson harnesses the power of positivity.

Betsy Johnson began her career as a designer in the 1960s and made a mark of her own in the fashion world for five decades with her unique and bold designs. “The news of her breast cancer came just a half hour before she was to host her annual company Christmas party but she stayed positive. Initially, Betsy kept her breast cancer diagnosis a secret, fearing it could have a negative impact on her business. Her daughter, Lulu, was the only person who knew. “It was an incredible experience to go through with my daughter, the only person I told,” Betsy says. “It brought us closer together.” After 34 days of radiation Betsy was cancer-free. Coping through the different stages can be a balancing act, learn how emotional therapy can help. 


3. Robin Roberts makes friends with her IV pole

Robin Roberts underwent 10 consecutive days of intensive chemotherapy. Her constant companion was an IV pole. “But it was giving me life, it was keeping me alive.”, she said. She grew so attached to the pole, that she decided to name it. So Roshanda was the name of my IV pole,” said Roberts, with whom she used to dance when her spirits were high. Learn more about breast cancer – what is it and what you can do.

4. Singer Melissa Etheridge no longer afraid of anything

Melissa Etheridge’s, the singer talks about illness, treatment, decision to make Grammy appearance. Melissa Etheridge describes chemotherapy as “hell.” And she was right in the middle of it when she heard she’d been nominated for a Grammy. She figured this was one awards ceremony she’d have to sit out. Etheridge decided she’d go to the Grammy’s, with hair, or without. Not everyone is as strong as Ms Etteride, learn what is Breast Cancer and how to overcome fears with emotional therapy.

5. Christina Applegate laughed her way through the ordeal

Christina Applegate bounced back from breast cancer much stronger, happier, and driven to make a difference. When the actress was recovering from breast cancer surgery, in the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, her wicked sense of humor never failed her. She said “My friends would walk in with this sad look, and I would throw something at them and say, ‘Come on! This isn’t the end of the world!'” That’s for sure. Today Applegate is the picture of health and radiance. Learn how emotional therapy can help to remain positive.