EFT Level 3

Emotional Freedom Techniques for abundance, wholeness and confidence

EFT Advanced Practitioner Level 3 training Three day training

Learn how to identify core issues, manifest abundance and get on the EFT Advanced practitioner track. 

bigstock-Happy-Bright-Landscape-With-Bu-4835301-1This course is ideal for anyone who has completed EFT Level 2 training and wants to deepen their experience and mastery of EFT.

During the course you will learn how to integrate creativity, intuition and the different advanced as well as foundational EFT techniques seamlessly. EFT Level 3 training is about transitioning EFT from a science into an art effortlessly identifying core issues and resolving them.

Futuristic Cloud ComputerSpecifically during EFT 3 you will learn how to clear deep rooted self sabotage patterns, inner conflicts and silent saboteurs to create inner peace, abundance, health as well as life and career flow. The 3 days are incredibly powerful that will change your life forever creating long lasting friendships and transformations that will astound and inspire

The course curriculum includes:

  • Identifying core issues and how to resolve them
  • Being flexible and creative with the EFT set up and phrases
  • Re-framing old issues and pre-framing
  • Resolving inner conflicts and energy blocks with role play tapping
  • Awareness of sub-personalities and archetypes
  • Uncovering secondary gains and moving from pain to pleasure
  • The power of questions to uncover the underlying issue
  • Advanced rapport, calibration, questioning and choicesJoy
  • Shadow work and uncovering deep rooted patterns and blocks
  • Uncovering and integrating limiting parts
  • How to use intuition and creativity
  • Working with serious diseases and chronic conditions
  • Unstructured tapping transitioning from science to art
  • Ways to work with the inner/wounded child
  • Uncover and clear silent sabeteurs and blocks to abundance
  • Supervision and mentoring to be the best you can be
  • How to use EFT for peak performance
  • Business success and energy marketing
  • The value of forgiveness and love

Our training courses are highly interactive with rave reviews and plenty of time for hands on practice, questions and live demonstrations.

To get the most out of the course bring examples of how you have used EFT either on yourself, with friends and family or clients.

You will be awarded a Certificate of completion that is recognised by EFT International as well as IAPC (International Association of Practitioner and Coaches).

EFT Advanced Practitioner (Level 3) certificate is awarded on successful completion of case histories as well as demonstration of Advanced skills along with a commitment to on-going mentoring as well as self-development.

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