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Learn, Earn & Grow Together

Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Found.

What if clients could find you, versus you go searching for clients?

Imagine being recognised as an expert with a steady stream of clients through establishing yourself as a person of influence.

I am looking forward to welcoming you with all my heart

Being an Ambassador is a great way to:

  • Get yourself known
  • Connect with potential clients
  • Establish yourself in your local area
  • Empower others on the path of healing
Love Rangana 

In the Global Ambassador Program you will receive training in how:

  • To give introductory talks in what you are qualified in, to groups of people
  • Share your authentic story, empowering others to heal & transform
  • Spread the word about our therapy and coaching programs so more people can attend the training programs you have also experienced 

So What Are the Benefits of Becoming

A VLC Global Ambassador?

Being Recognised as a Local Expert

By giving regular talks, become the go to person in your local area for what you are qualified in.

Part of the Elite Group of Practitioners/ Coaches

By keeping your skills current, being featured on our list of recommended professionals.

Increased Confidence as a Practitioner/Coach

Find your voice and passion with the presentations skills training.

Attract More Clients 

Magnetise clients towards you with ease by sharing your authentic story.

Enhanced Visibility

Be seen, be heard and top of mind by giving regular talks to support groups, your contacts.

Earn Money for Bookings 

Be compensated for people who know who book onto the same training you completed.

Empower others to heal

By sharing what you are trained in with others, they become aware of the possibilities and how it can help them to heal, transform and grow.

Be of service 

Share the skills you are trained in with support groups and charities, supporting local communities to thrive.

So how can you become an Ambassador?

We have Global Ambassador Programs for the following:

  • EFT Certified Practitioners, Advanced Practitioners, Facilitators, Presenters, Trainers
  • Breakthrough Coaches, NLP/Hypnosis & Timeline Practitioners 
  • Limitless Living Coaches/ Practitioners 
  • The Journey Practitioners
  • Soul to Soul Business & Marketing

We have launched the EFT Ambassador Program and will be formally launching the others in due course.

1. EFT Ambassador Program 

Once you become an Ambassador you are given access to your own personalised Ambassador Centre where you can access your personalised links for your contacts to:

  • Download to get access to our free booklets & complimentary seminars
  • Get information on our training programs 

These links can be shared with your friends, family and contacts. Once one of your contacts books we can then compensate you. 

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