EFT Ambassador

What is an EFT Ambassador?

An Ambassador is an EFT Practitioner who wants to spread EFT in their local community, partner together and make even more people aware of EFT and your services as well as our training.

The Benefits to being a local Ambassador:

  1. Being recognized as the local expert
  2. Part of an elite group of Practitioners, preferentially referred to clients 
  3. Increased confidence as a Practitioner
  4. Enhanced visibility by running free introductions (see below)
  5. Earn money for any bookings (see below)
  6. Increased client base and earnings

There is an application process to become a local Ambassador.

So e-mail me if you feel guided to be part of the Ambassador group and I will send you more information to read and an application form. 

What we will offer you?

  1. Complimentary training for you to facilitate EFT introductory group sessions 
  2. Announcement of your EFT introductory session with bookings links on the website, social media, e-mail and whats app. 
  3. Follow up e-mail that goes out on your behalf to your attendees, letting them know about your private practice and EFT Training Seminars 
  4. Payment of 10% per person booked on EFT Practitioner Training as a result of your efforts (these can be either from your contact list or they have attended your introductory sessions and you have provided them with details of training). We will extend this 10% to all our Entry Level Seminars and Training Courses.
  5. To feature you as an Elite EFT Practitioner, preferentially recommending client's to you where we might communicate your fees in advance (we split the fees 70:30 where 70% goes to you)  

What we will want from you?

  1. To be an Ambassador for EFT in your local community spreading awareness
  2. Tag us on social media and blog articles so we may also share your work
  3. Let us know a month in advance about your introductory event (it takes us 2 weeks to prepare everything for you - so the sooner the better)
  4. Agree the fees for your one to one sessions so we both communicate the same to your client's
  5. If client's come directly to you to keep us informed and likewise if your client's come to us directly we will also keep you informed