Learn, Earn & Grow Together

Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Found.

What if clients could find you, versus you go searching for clients?

Imagine being recognised as an expert with a steady stream of clients through establishing yourself as a person of influence.

Am Ready & Cannot Wait. I want to apply straight-away to become an EFT Ambassador

I am looking forward to welcoming you with all my heart

Being an Ambassador is a great way to:

  • Get yourself known
  • Connect with potential clients
  • Establish yourself in your local area
  • Empower others on the path of healing
Love Rangana 

In the EFT Ambassador Program you will receive training in how:

  • To give introductory talks in what you are qualified in, to groups of people
  • Share your authentic story, empowering others to heal & transform
  • Spread the word about our therapy and coaching programs so more people can attend the training programs you have also experienced 

So What Are the Benefits of Becoming

A VLC EFT Ambassador?

Being Recognised as a Local Expert

By giving regular talks, become the go to person in your local area for what you are qualified in.

Part of the Elite Group of Practitioners/ Coaches

By keeping your skills current, being featured on our list of recommended professionals.

Increased Confidence as a Practitioner/Coach

Find your voice and passion with the presentations skills training.

Attract More Clients 

Magnetise clients towards you with ease by sharing your authentic story.

Enhanced Visibility

Be seen, be heard and top of mind by giving regular talks to support groups, your contacts.

Earn Money for Bookings 

Be compensated for people who know who book onto the same training you completed.

Empower others to heal

By sharing what you are trained in with others, they become aware of the possibilities and how it can help them to heal, transform and grow.

Be of service 

Share the skills you are trained in with support groups and charities, supporting local communities to thrive.

Am Ready & Cannot Wait. I want to apply straight-away to become an EFT Ambassador

So What is an EFT Ambassador Specifically?

An Ambassador is an advocate of EFT and can be either an:

  • EFT Practitioner
  • EFT Advanced Practitioner
  • EFT Senior Practitioners
  • EFT Facilitator
  • EFT Presenter
  • EFT Trainer
  • EFT Master Trainer

The EFT Ambassador is keen to partner together with Vitality Living College to become established as a go to person for EFT in their local area or for a particular subject. As a result, they represent the Vitality Living College Brand and the purpose is to support each other to grow and thrive personally and professionally.

What are the benefits for an EFT Ambassador?

  • Being recognised as the local expert
  • Part of an elite group of Practitioners, preferentially referred to clients
  • Increased confidence as a Practitioner
  • Enhanced visibility by running free introductions 
  • Get compensated for any bookings from your contacts 
  • Increase your own client base, earnings and fee-paying clients.

So what we will offer you and what we want from you as an EFT Ambassador?

What we will offer you?

  • Complimentary Training to give introductory talks
  • Training on how to market your talks to attract attendees
  • Training on how to let attendees know about your EFT services and our training programs 
  • Announcing your introductory talks on our website with post talk follow up emails sent
  • Access to a greater database on tagged posts on social media
  • Positively recommending you and your EFT services
  • Preferential listing as an EFT Ambassador on our website 
  • Option to be listed as an EFT Elite Practitioner, where we pay 70% of the client fees
  • Ability to partner together for introductions to NGOs, companies, universities and schools
  • Preferential rates for EFT Facilitator, EFT Presenter & EFT Trainer's Training 
  • Quarterly EFT Ambassador Meets to support you to stay current 

What we will want from you?

  • To embody the vision, values & code of conduct of VLC, including completing the annual supervision hours
  • Spread positive awareness for EFT, yourself as an Ambassador, VLC Training Courses & VLC
  • Tag us on social media for any talks you give and the tags fro any post talk positive feedback and photographs
  • Use only the VLC branded collaterals, for example free booklets, presentation slides, manuals and marketing materials 
  • Conduct 6 introductory talks annually 
  • Not to charge for the introductory talks and keep the talk length to an hour 
  • Share the free booklet links in all your communications with your contacts
  • Use the EFT Practitioner & EFT Ambassador approved seal on being certified 
  • Transparency and honesty on both sides
  • Assist in at least one EFT Training Program annually

So if you are a Certified Practitioner or a Practitioner Training you can attend EFT Ambassador Training. You just have to complete an application.

Once accepted you will be invited to join the formal training. There are 6 EFT Ambassador Training Modules:

MODULE 1 – Introduction to the program 

MODULE 2 - The flow: 4 MAT, Why? & Story telling 

MODULE 3 – The flow: Your Cases, What? & How? 

MODULE 4 – The flow: Live demo, questions & end 

MODULE 5 –The flow: Practice from start to end

MODULE 6 – Marketing, links, booking & close


So what are the criteria to becoming Certified as an EFT Ambassador:

  1. Loves EFT as a therapeutic and coaching tool and a fan of what it is and how it works and wants to spread awareness, about it
  2. Is at a minimum an EFT Certified Practitioner and has completed the annual continuing professional development requirements, including mentoring and supervision hours and committed to completing the requirements annually.
  3. Has successfully complete EFT Ambassador Training 
  4. Commits to conducting 6 talks annuals and attending the quarterly meets 
  5. Wants to work together with the Vitality Living College as a Brand Ambassador and put the effort in to be established as a local of subject expert.

Local Expert - Become an expert in your local area, for example: The city you live in or the locality.

Subject Expert - Become an expert in a specific subject, for example: Teenagers or weight.

So you get certified as an:

  • EFT Ambassador and
  • EFT Practitioner who can give Introductory Talks

Am Ready & Cannot Wait. I want to apply straight-away to become an EFT Ambassador

It takes us 4-6 weeks to review to application. In some cases we come back within 24 hours to 3 days, depending on the strength of the application. We may have further questions in some cases.

Once you become an Ambassador you are given access to your own personalised Ambassador Centre where you can access your personalised links for your contacts to:

  • Download to get access to our free booklets & complimentary seminars
  • Get information on our training programs 

These links can be shared with your friends, family and contacts. Once one of your contacts books we can then compensate you. 

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