IMPORTANT: We will NOT be releasing a replay of this training. This is a 1-time training only 

How To Get More Paying Clients, Reach More People, And Be More Visible, Without Being Salesy.

Live Masterclass for Psychologists, Counsellors, Therapists, Coaches, and Healers with Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD).

..... Even if you are a complete beginner or have a few clients or have a regular flow of paying clients. 

3 Hours 

Sunday 30th January 2022

4-7pm IST, 11.30 - 2.30pm UK

You know you love what you do.

Making a difference to the lives of others. Helping them heal and transform. 

As a coach, healer, therapist, counsellor, psychologist, yoga teacher, ayurvedic consultant, tarot reader, reiki healer, past life regression expert or clairvoyant, you are fabulous at what you do.

But. There is a big BUT! You:

  • Cannot seem to get a steady stream of clients, or be able to grow your private practice, or expand your business.
  • Get tongue tied when you get the dreaded question, "How much do you charge?"
  • Feel deflated when your potential clients ask you for a discount, arguing with you over pricing. 
  • Lack the clarity and understanding of what steps to take on social media to gain clients and engagement.

Oscillating between giving up and forging ahead.

At times tearing your hair out, wondering how can you gain financial security, and be independent to live life on your terms.

What if you could learn a step by step system, that will give you the clarity to:

  • Get a steady stream of clients
  • Talk about your pricing with confidence
  • Launch your private practice or business 
  • Forge partnerships to grow and expand your business
  • Strip away the limits and blocks to feel powerful 

This is the reason I have put together a seminar where I will share the 7 steps to launching, growing or expanding your private practice or business to gain a steady stream of clients, without a single sales letter in sight.

All you need to do now is click on the button below. So what are you waiting for?

Here is what you will learn on the training:


How to have a steady stream of paying clients, without being salesy or pushy.


How to authentically reach more people, and be more visible, magnetising your tribe with ease and power.


Clarity on the exact steps to get a steady stream of clients, that guarantees results every time.


Gain financial freedom, stop worrying about money, and do what you love by helping others.

Your Host: Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD)

Diagnosed with Cancer in 2001, she immersed herself into healing, coaching and therapy and self healed 2 years later without drugs or surgery. Eventually she left her high-paid corporate career because she wanted to help others heal and transform. However she did not know where to begin or what to do and found herself  staring at the screen wondering how she was going to pay her mortgage.

Through trial and error,  successes and failures she finally figured out the 7 steps on how to be financially successful in the healing, coaching and therapy field while being true to her values and authentic self. She could pay off her mortgage and created financial freedom for herself where she now teaches therapists, coaches and healers to make a difference to others and earn a livelihood. 

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