How to heal anger, fear, sadness, hurt, and guilt with Timeline Technology?

“In order to move on, you must understand why you felt what you did and why you no longer need to feel it.” Mitch Albom

Imagine if you or your client was gripped with anger, crippled with fear, hooked by sadness, stuck in a past hurt or disturbed by guilt and all you wanted to do was shake it off.

To take a magic pill to feel better again.

Negative emotions can feel uncomfortable.

They can get triggered in an instant, rise and fall or linger on for longer.

When triggered they can cause a reaction on the nervous system.

If ignored they start to scream louder through disease and illness, until you have their full attention.

Your emotions make you human. Even the unpleasant ones have a purpose.

Don't lock them away. If you ignore them, they just get louder and angrier.” 

Sabaa Tahir

What if there were a simple coaching method that on an average takes 20 minutes to clear the root cause of the 5 negative emotions such that all you no longer felt the grip of anger, fear, sadness, hurt and guilt?

You could become more aware of what is triggering you and you would have choice to feel it or not.

More importantly, you would get the positive learning as to the reason that emotion showed up in the first place.

Once you get the positive learning of the reason a situation happened or the reason an emotion was caused, you can pretty much move on from it. 

Timeline Technology is a coaching modality, taught during Breakthrough Coaching NLP Training, that helps clients get to the root cause of their triggers and also helps those who receive the process to:

  • Overcome grief and sadness
  • Not get angry and feel more in control
  • Make peace with a past hurt or betrayal
  • Release fear and feel more confident
  • Gain freedom from guilt

The Timeline Technology coaching process, developed by  Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD) gets to the root cause of primary emotions like anger, fear, sadness, hurt and guilt and eradicates these emotional hooks from the root case in the past.

What Are Primary Emotions?

Just like there are primary colors red, blue and yellow and how you can put different combinations of these colors together to create new colors like green, purple and orange there are primary negative emotions.

Primary emotions are like a pallet of emotions when blended together in different combinations they create different emotions.

All negative emotions are rooted in these 5 primary negative emotions:

  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Sadness
  • Hurt
  • Guilt

These primary emotions form the basis or the root of every other emotion we feel. For example:

  • Irritation is a mix of anger and fear
  • Grief is a mix of sadness and hurt
  • Resentment is a mix of guilt and fear

So once the primary emotions are cleared from the root cause, it’s easier to be free from the control of all negative uncomfortable feelings.

The Timeline Technology process can also be used to create a desired future or clear a limiting belief .

But first let's focus for now on how the Timeline Technology process can be used to heal negative emotions by locating the root cause and getting the positive learning from the past, thus no longer being triggered by a similar instance in the future. 

So how does the Timeline Technology Process Work?

Do you remember your first kiss? Chances are you do! You remember where you were and what happened. In general we remember the first time something happens – it can cause intense emotions and known as a Significant Emotional Event (SEE).

For example do you remember the first time:

  • You fell in love
  • Your heart was broken
  • Your child said your name

We even remember intense emotional events like the planes going into the twin towers on September 11th or the announcement of the lock down as a result of the Corona virus in 2020.

Most likely, you can recall where you were, who was with you and what you were feeling or thinking.

These events get etched in our memories, for example getting married, getting a promotion or giving birth to our child.

Just like these emotionally intense experiences get locked into our unconscious and can be remembered, so do the first times we experienced anger, fear, sadness, hurt or guilt. While it might not be in your conscious awareness, it’s definitely in your unconscious awareness.

Any emotion when triggered sets in motion a series of chemical reactions in the body. The biochemical reaction is the same whether the anger is triggered right now or was triggered in the past.

The issue is the first time an emotion was experienced. Once that is located and cleared, the hook that emotion has in our current lives pretty much dissipates.

To locate the first emotion, Timeline Technology used the timeline.

The timeline is how we store time, for example where we store our past present and future in relation to our bodies. Once you know your timeline and imagine it in a straight line then the Timeline Technology process works by floating above the imaginary timeline and over to the very first instance when that emotion was felt.

Then you get the positive learnings from the past and turn and face the future to release that old emotion by turning and facing the future. In the position when you turn and face the future the emotions just fall right off.

The trick is to clear the emotion and not the memory.

The content, as in what happened is immaterial when the focus is to be set free from the emotion that might be taking a hold of us in our present lives. The emotion is what needs to be cleared.

“Every emotion is based on Chemistry. The main function of timeline technology is to work on emotions and not memories.”

Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD)

Timeline Technology removes the ability to feel a negative emotion which in the past when triggered you would have felt.

So our buttons still get pushed. Of course they do!

The difference is after experiencing Timeline Technology, when pushed we have a choice to feel the emotion or not. And in some cases when the button is pushed no emotion arises and instead what gets triggered is understanding, compassion and the positive learning.

“Today, I let go of all of it and realized that there were so many incidents I had not addressed. Or even spoken to anyone about. I was overflowing with suppressed emotions and pain. And I feel like - I'M FREE!” 

Haswata Prasann, Life Coach, Entrepreneur and Healer.

A couple of things to bear in mind before learning the steps of the Timeline Technology Process

Before I share the steps of the Timeline Technology Process, a couple of things to bear in mind:

  • The process can be facilitated either as an informal conversation, in light trance, also known as a sleep waking state or in a deeply relaxed state
  • It’s best not to overthink the answers and go with what comes up spontaneously
  • At times it can feel like the process is going really fast and you might not have time to figure anything out, this is good and keep going
  • It’s the unconscious that provides all the answers and completes the process
  • Once you begin the process the emotions are cleared in order: Anger, Fear, Sadness, Hurt & Guilt. The process completes only when all emotions are cleared

The Steps of Timeline Technology


Create a safe space for your client and explain the process and how it works


Then uncover the clients timeline and where they store their past, present and future


Begin by asking permission if it's okay to clear the first emotion of anger


Then ask the client to float nice and high, nice and high above their timeline to the very first instance of anger and get the positive learnings from that past instance


Once they have the positive learnings, get the client to turn and face the future and notice how that emotion of anger has pretty much gone while snapping the finger to allow the nervous system to release the old emotion.


Then float down into the past event and get them to look their eyes in the event and notice where is that old feeling. Is it there or pretty much gone. You can snap your fingers to release anything remaining. 


Then ask the client to step into an imagined future and create an incident where they would have been triggered in the past and notice how they are handling things in a much more positive and empowering way


Once the process is complete with anger then move onto each emotion one by one in order: sadness, fear, hurt and guilt.


At the end of the process, you can anchor positive emotions or take them to a future that they want to create and get them to feel all the wonderful emotions of the imagine future and let the future version of themselves merge with the present version of themselves and then ask the client to open their eyes when the process is fully integrated.

For some clients this process is very subtle and occurs in a relaxed unconscious state with no conscious awareness of what is going, whereas for others it can be a very visceral process experiencing physical sensations and uncovering past experiences that were hidden away. The nervous system can get jolted as it clear the past negativity.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What if my client experiences mild physical sensations and asks questions like, my head is spinning what do I do? I am feeling light headed is that normal? Why was I yawning so much?

The head can spin or there may be physical sensations for a number of different reasons:

  • The person is wanting to be fully cognitive of every step and it can feel like too much too fast. While the unconscious is understanding all and doing it the conscious mind is wanting to control things and creates physical sensation to get the attention and actually it’s just want to feel safe. So best to reassure the conscious mind that it can witness it and all is well.
  • As a result the healing process where the unconscious is expelling toxins and the best solution is hydration
 The person has accessed either past life and generational memories as well as hidden away memories during womb or pre-birth and it can feel like things are shaken a bit. This is natural. It’s like if you were closed up in a tin for centuries and you suddenly came out, like being born you would feel a little shaken up. The solution is, even more self-love and care.

Can I use the Timeline Process as a stand-alone in a coaching session or do I combine it with other interventions?

The process can be used as a stand-alone or integrated at the end of a 3 hour Breakthrough Session. If used as a standalone begin by asking the client what they want to work on and explain how the process works on the emotions and clearing them as there could be a mix of emotions involved with the issue. Explain to them that past events and memories may come up in this life time, the womb or a past life depending on their belief system. Note is used as a stand-alone process, there might be other techniques that you might need to bring in, for example change memory to heal the past event, perceptual positions to resolve a conflict with another, emotional blowout to release intense emotions or pain and get advice from a mentor or guide.

What is the reason or the order of the emotions, starting with anger and ending with guilt?

The reason the order of the emotions is anger first is because anger is a big outward directed emotion and the reason sadness is second is because sadness is a big inward directed emotion and what can underpin these two is fear and hurt which are the third and fourth emotions. Fear can be a bigger emotion then hurt , hence its before hurt. The last emotion is guilt, because this is an emotion humans feel to make themselves feel better and to avoid the deeper emotions of shame, embarrassment and failure which are rooted in the previous 4 emotions.


"Coach Sandy helped her client get to the root cause of not being able to stand up to her boss and when Sandy used Timeline Technology they cleared the root memory which was a childhood traumatic event and Sandy's client was able to e-mail her boss and get a polite reply back."

Coaching Case Study


“I took my client who had a phobia to a point when she remembered first having the reaction and fear. I made her step out the timeline and walk to the present with all the resources she had before the phobia. Phobia gone in 10 minutes.”

Mark Dias, Coach & Trainer

What I love about Timeline Technology is its versatility, it can help your client to feel calm instead of angry, at peace instead of sad and in control instead of fearful. Who would not want that?  The process can also eliminate a phobia or clear a past painful trauma.What makes it so unique is that it allows you to go back before the event occurred and eliminate it from there and then reset the future as you want it. 

In Summary, Timeline Technology can be helpful to eliminate the charge from emotions such as anger, hurt, sadness, fear and guilt, from the past and present. You can also take your client to a future timeline as a method of checking in to the process that you have been using on them, and also to check the client’s progress. You may not always need to go textbook through this process and can also combine it to suit the clients needs.

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