EFT Trainers Training

EFT TrainerEach EFT trainer is mentored by Master Trainer of Trainers Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD) and the training program can vary based on your circumstance, experience and competencies. The very first steps are to submit you:

  • EFT Trainer application – EFT-Trainer-Application-VLC
  • Continuing professional development record/log for the last 3 years, at a minimum one year – VLC CPD & SUPERVISION RECORD LOG SHEET
  • Self assessment of the EFT competencies – Trainer Competency Check
  • Log of annual practice sessions for the last 3 years (minimum 50 on 20 different clients in one year) – Record of practice sessions
  • 3 testimonials from clients
  • Submit one video of facilitating an introduction to EFT, which must include a live demonstration or conduct a live demonstration in front of the trainer and an audience

Upon receipt a one to one on-line or face to face conversation will be set up and a customised plan drawn up, which may include:

  • Attendance of 7 days intensive EFT Trainers Training or shadow EFT trainings as agreed with Trainer
  • Attending EFT Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner as a Trainer in training and Assist team member
  • A one page write up of how EFT has helped you and the reason you want to be an EFT Trainer
  • An example of a case study for each of the EFT techniques in Level 1 and 2 (for example, tell the story, physical tension, movie technique, limiting beliefs, fears and phobias, surrogate work, working with either animals/children
  • A business plan, which includes vision to action, marketing plan and training plan, i.e how many trainings do you plan to deliver in a year and in which locations
  • Review of marketing and promotional materials, along with branding
  • Your annual plan on continuing professional development, supervision and mentoring hours
  • Signing up to the Trainers code of conduct
  • Review of a home study manual and completion of a multiple choice exam
  • Demonstrating the key competencies required as an EFT Trainer
  • Committing to 6 supervision sessions within the first year of being awarded Provisional Trainer
  • When you are ready to start trainer, Newly Qualified Trainer (NQT) is initially awarded for the first year and a minimum of 3 three day training programs need to be completed along with attendance of 6 one hour supervision sessions. Additional study and activities are provided as required. At the end of the year EFT Certified Trainer is awarded.