The Journey to Healing Seminar with Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD)

It's best to stay till the end to enjoy the healing meditation. After the meditation we have something really special for you. 


Your Journey to Healing Seminar Companion e-Booklet

Now, it's time to discover

Your Journey To Healing, Joy, & Success.

Book a Discovery Call to Explore your Path to Healing and Peace

On the call you will have a discussion on where you are in your healing journey today and where you want to be and what options you have to explore those. 

The first 7 calls will be answered by Dr Rangana herself.

As you can imagine they are very popular. So complete your application now to qualify.


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 Get Your Bonus Audio Meditations, plus

The Gentle Welcome Meditation, which is the

first part of the Emotional Journey Process.

Your 3 bonus audio meditations:

1. Welcome from Brandon Bays

2. Effortless being

3. Emotions - a guided introspection

4. The healing sower meditation

The Gentle Welcome Meditation facilitated by Brandon Bays

Experience the first part of The Journey to release suppressed and bottled up emotions that are harmful to health. Leave feeling lighter and relaxed. 


Do share your wish or desire for the healing meditation in the comments below.

This can be for you or someone in your life. 

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