The EFT Partnership Program

I am reminded of a quote by Helen Keller, 

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."

Togetherness is the spirit of the partnership program.

Where we partner together and you spread the word about the seminars and share with them your direct experience and provide them with the booklet links and course information. 

So what are the steps to spreading the word?

Firstly, as an EFT Practitioner Graduate let people about your direct experience of your training. Below is an example that one of our Grads lovingly posted on facebook.

 Some people will want more information straight-away, for example:

  • How to attend a The EFT Practitioner Training Program
  • Will want to experience an EFT session with you
  • Wants to read more information 

So what can you do, if they want to:

1. Attend EFT Practitioner Training - Get them in touch with us and we will get them more information 

2. Want more information on EFT - Share the link to the free booklet on emotional healing and EFT

You can also download the free Heal your emotions booklet here.

3. Will want to experience professional EFT sessions - If you are a qualified Practitioner send them the intake form and proceed from there. If you are a Practitioner in Training explain that to them and then provide the intake form and recording case study consent form.

Lastly, if they want to book onto the seminar let them know to mention your name and they can book onto the Seminar at a lower than advertised price. Plus you get a gift of 10% which is transferred to your bank account on the 1st of the month (either within the month of the Seminar completing or once payment has been received in full if after the seminar.)