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 In preparation for your application being accepted please find below background information and resources

Details on dates, times and location

Limitless Living

Limitless Living Seminar Dates 2021:

  • Day 1: Monday 5th April 
  • Day 2: Tuesday 6th April 
  • Day 3: Wednesday 7th April 
  • Day 4: Thursday 8th April 
  • Day 5: Friday 9th April 


4 - 7 pm IST (India)

6.30  - 9.30 pm DST (Bali)

8.30  - 11.30 pm ACT (Canberra)

10:30  - 1:30 pm GMT (Spain)

11:30 - 2.30 pm BST (UK)


Via Zoom Calls

The password is provided on the WhatsApp Group

Soul to Soul Business

Soul to Soul Training Dates:

The first Soul to Soul video launches on 26th April 2021 and a video will be launched every Monday for 12 weeks.


  • Week 1: 26th April
  • Week 2: 3rd May
  • Week 3: 10th May
  • Week 4: 17th May
  • Week 5: 24th June
  • Week 6: 31st June
  • Week 7: 7th June
  • Week 8: 14th June
  • Week 9: 21st June
  • Week 10: 28th June
  • Week 11: 19th July
  • Week 12: 26th July

Soul to Soul Question & A  Dates:

Every Friday starting 30th April 2021.
We will let you know one week prior in case of any changes.


4 - 6 pm IST (India)

6.30  - 8.30 pm DST (Bali)

8.30  - 10.30 pm ACT (Canberra)

10:30  - 12:30 pm GMT (Spain)

11:30 - 1.30 pm BST (UK)

Location: Via Zoom Calls

The password is provided on the WhatsApp Group


It can be applied to business, work, and relationships, as well as creating personal satisfaction. 

This course is ideal for:

  • ANYONE on a personal development and self-help journey and want to create the life they want,
  • Managers and leaders who wish to coach themselves and their staff at work,
  • HR professionals, trainers, consultants and coaches who wish to add a coaching system to their existing programs,
  • Entrepreneurs, business owners, and ambitious, success-oriented professionals,
  • Healers, practitioners, therapists, medical health professionals, doctors, nurses, and counselors,
  • Those wanting to work professionally as life coaches, trainers, therapeutic coaches, corporate coaches, or business coaches.
After 7 days of intensive training with Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD), 5 qualifications are awarded:
  • NLP Diploma,
  • NLP Practitioner,
  • Breakthrough Coaching,
  • Timeline Technology,
  • Hypnosis Practitioner +
  • Free membership of online and SMS support groups,
  • All lunches and refreshments,
  • Invitation to form a Momentum Group in your city.

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