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Emotional Freedom Techniques Masterclass with Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD)

"I a️m waiting to connect with you and share a clinically proven technique that you can either integrate alongside your existing therapy practice or to learn for self healing and personal development." ❤️ Rangana

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What you will learn during the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Masterclass:

  • How do our emotions and stress contribute to ill-health
  • How can you reverse the negative effects of stress to feel healthy and happy
  • What is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)?
  • How can a daily practice of EFT enable peace, calm and acceptance
  • Heal past negativity, stress, anxiety & tension
  • Feel fabulous, confident & empowered
  • Fast therapeutic results with happy & satisfied clients

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54 minutes

Healing Processes

Includes processes to feel healthy, happy and relaxed.

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Leran how to heal & transform with the power of EFT to feel healthy, happy and at peace

We have helped thousands overcoming challenges from stress relief, weight loss, anxiety, depression and the past to feel healthy, happy and relaxed.

"The last two days of attending EFT has brought huge physiological, temperamental and attitudinal changes in my life. My edema and Fibromyalgia of 7-8 months has disappeared and I have slept so peacefully."

Sejal Mehta, Trainer & Therapist

"I learnt so much and feel very positive. Still no galaxy (a Chocolate bar) and I feel in CONTROL of that. I don’t even want a hot chocolate, which is what I normally go for if I’m trying to not to have chocolate."

Emma Voss, Business Owner

"My age-old back pain healed on EFT training within 20 minutes and now even a year later, it has gone completely. I now have 5–6 patients daily and every patient is satisfied through EFT.

Dr Rajesh CM, Naturopathic Doctor

Plus those who have become professionally qualified with us get faster results with EFT Tapping.

"EFT is a great therapy in itself. Negative emotions are released much faster and through a safe mechanism, which provides the client much relief in just a couple of sessions."

Anushri Shah , Counselling Psychologist

"The experience I had when I came across EFT. I could see a sure shift in the way I think, the way I speak. This one was producing results in a very short span, as short as a few minutes. It works for everyone, even skeptics.""

Neeraj Kumar, Corporate Trainer

"It helps me in my counselling practice to help clients overcome trauma in a short span of time. The results from EFT are not only rapid but also palpable within the session time itself, even for deep-rooted trauma."

Divya Srivastava, Counselling Psychologist Silver Lining

Meet Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD)

Having healed from 3 illnesses, including cancer she will astound and inspire you. With a PhD in Cancer Research from Oxford University and having running multi-million dollar businesses, she left her corporate career to pursue her passion, traveling the world teaching others in the same healing modalities she has used with tens of thousands worldwide.

Get Your Complimentary Guest Pass Now


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