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What Does Tapping Do? Unveiling The Magic Of EFT Technique

EFT Tapping - what does tapping do

What is EFT Tapping and what are the tapping points? How does this clinically proven technique help reduce anxiety, and stress, in adults, teenagers, and children; and how to be a Certified Trainer?   EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUES  |  EFT TAPPING POINTS | THE TAPPING STATEMENTS | HOW DOES TAPPING WORK? | MERIDIANS | JIN SHIN JUTSU  | EFT VERSUS CBT | […]

How To Overcome Insecurity With EFT?

EFT Tapping For Insecurities

EFT tapping for insecurityHave you ever been plagued by insecurity and doubt? Has the need to feel safe been more important than living your dreams? Learn how to overcome the trap of feeling insecure and become confident and self assured. Recently, I was working with a client via Skype in London and the issue of insecurity […]