Free Seminar Reviews Mridula Nair

Reviews from Free Seminars with Mridula Nair

Emotional Well-being Seminar held On 27 July 2017 with Parihar Counselling Academy, part of the Bengaluru Police Academy

I would like to share it with my kin and friends. D Krishne HRS Retired ACP
Fantastic session and looking forward to attend 3 day course. Sumalatha Bhuvan Counseller
It was a great session, feeling lighter already. Feeling empowered to handle stress/pain I could go through in future. Riti Sinha Journalist


Emotional Well-Being Seminar with an introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques held On 29 July 2017 at Rotary House Bangalore

The seminar was very enlighting. It was an eye opener for me. Mrs Nair is a good trainer. Enjoyed the inspiration. Abdul Wahas Chowdhary Financial Advisor
Certainly a new look at alternative healing. Very informative. Annie Randhawa  Hospitality
Very informative session. I will definetely try tapping technique. Charmaine Mathew Digital Marketing
Good display of the technique. Geeta Prakash Counseller
Feel very nice. Thankyou. Hope to see you soon for more of these sessions. Lekha Shivashanker Housewife
Great idea on teaching the carvings and pain relief. Lygia Correia Nutritionist
It was great being here and experienced nice healing technique of tapping. It helps ease my stress. Mahesh Tahilramani Self Employed
I got to know technique to handle my emotions. Thanks Mridula. You explained very well with fine examples. Meena Gupta Enterprenuer
It was quite informative and I really enjoyed the seminar. Naveen Reddy Buisness
Eye opening and informative. Nigel Mathew Advertising
It was a good introduction to the EFT concept. Ramadevi Anand Homemaker
It has made me rethink of mindset pleasures we have which is connected with a childhood feeling. Learn to appreciate our bodies and ourselves. Very well said. Excellent lecture we understood the reality behind the tapping. Rekha Rai Hamilton Cosultant
Was a very intresting and informative session. Learnt a new technique in tapping terms is to be very useful one I will definetely try it out. A very enjoyable evening indeed. Renuka Krishnan Housewife
Appreciate all inputs in a short lecture. Just want to know how much “EFT as healing technique” is known. Ritesh Kumar Sinha Mechanical Engineer
Something totally new experience. Loving self is good for loving others. Sampath Kumar Retired Police Officer
Seminar was good and enjoyed it. Soumya M HR Officer
I felt nice, enjoyed it just works out. Srivalli S Handwriting Analyst
For me EFT is a new topic. I was curious to know about. I did enjoy the session. Sumalatha B Homemaker
Learning tappling. The affect it already had. The way it was conducted. Uma Devi Chillarege
The seminar was well conducted and it gave me an unique to something deeper. EFT was a new concept and was happy to know about the same. Varsha Koppikar Dietician
Good session for the first attending such an event. People around us who are down with psychological and emotional problem, are in need of help. It has inspired me to work on myself more. Thankyou. Ayanti Mullick Teacher
The session was great Mridula. It was wonderful to see the way you work with the issue. Uma Devi Chillarege  Employed
Very good. Jayasree A S Ramkumar  Homemaker
Very good session. We had good practical exercise. Johnson William Social   Worker
Really it helps me coming out of stress. As I have some pain in my right knee. But after attending the session I got some relief. Manju Sinha  Housewife
We need to think everything positive do it in a positive way. It depends on our mindset. Mary Gladies  Teacher
Session was intresting would like to attend 3 day course/seminar soon. Neeta Dutta  Designer
Wonderful insight into a new technique. Pavitra Reddy  Homemaker
It was a new experience. Revathy Kumar
It was an engrossing and intresting seminar. Learn’t the tapping technique. The audience was very interactive and made it enjoyable. Shalini Monteiro  Housewife
Participants Involvement. Vanaja Kumar  Teacher
It is simple. Balaji Shrinvansan