Our Senior EFT Advanced Practitioners

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Anuja Pathak

Bangalore, India

With over a decade of experience in the field of healing and therapy, Anuja Pathak's journey began when she overcame emotional trauma and reversed diabetes. Her specialty lies in changing people's relationships with their thoughts, feelings, emotions, and their very identity of who they think they are, which results in changing their beliefs about life and bringing about changes in their behavior and physical symptoms.

Anuja works with adults and young adults who have suffered physical/sexual, emotional, and mental abuse, and those who feel stuck or are going through life transitions such as a break-up, divorce, etc. Her mission is to free people from any aspect of themselves that holds them back from manifesting their best selves. She specializes in cases of emotional trauma due to loss or abuse, certain physical illnesses related to women, and in cases of lack of self-esteem, trust, and love. Anuja helps her clients go through their transformations until they are finally connected to their own inner seat of self-trust, love, and power.

EFT Practitioner, Inner Child Matrix Practitioner, Breakthrough Coach & NLP Practitioner.

Languages: English, Hindi. Mode: Online.

Clients: Adults.

Atisha Batra

Mumbai, India

After suffering from chronic headaches caused by hyperprolactinoma that doctors deemed incurable, Atisha found her path as a healer. She began as a jeweller, but her own healing journey inspired her to help others overcome emotional blocks, health labels, relationship hardships, and trauma. Atisha uses therapy, compassion, and support to help young adults and adults achieve overall wholeness in different areas of life.

EFT Practitioner, Inner Child Matrix Practitioner, NLP Practitioner & Coach.

Language: English. Face to face & on-line. 

Adults & Young Adults .

Babita Kapoor

Delhi, India

After struggling with physical and emotional pain, fears, and self-doubt, Babita found relief through EFT. The practice allowed her to process and release the emotions she had been holding onto, giving her a newfound sense of confidence and freedom. Now, as an emotional well-being coach, Babita helps women and young adults manage the stresses of everyday life and achieve emotional balance, calmness, fearlessness, and happiness.

EFT practitioner, Inner child Matrix practitioner, NLP breakthrough coach, Reiki Master & Holistic health coach

 Language: English, Hindi, Face to face and online

Larysa Savinska


After experiencing childhood trauma and facing relationship issues, Larysa (Laura) from Ukraine embarked on a healing journey. Despite her background in music, HR, media and entertainment, she chose to become a Voice & Success Coach and a Healer to help others overcome their fears and doubts. Larysa assists individuals to find their authentic selves and gain confidence, empowering them to pursue their aspirations and fulfill their dreams.

 EFT Practitioner, ICM Practitioner, NLP Practitioner, Breakthrough Coach, & Journey Practitioner.

Languages: English, Russian.

Clients: Adults & young adults.

Sudha Prabhu, Bangalore, India

With a background HR Leader, Sudha Prabhu loves to empower people realise breakthroughs in their life, especially when crisis hits. She helps people from all walks of life to have an enhanced sense of well-being, clarity in action, overcome emotional  blocks and stuckness to feel happy and have a renewed commitment and energy to pursue heart's desire feeling connected and contented.

EFT Practitioner, EFT Advanced Practitioner, Inner Child Matrix Practitioner, NLP Practitioner & Coach, Expressive Arts, Yoga and Meditation.

Adults, Young adults, Professionals and Executive Leaders. 

Language: English, face to face and online

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