I got over my stage fright through NLP

If you’ve been fired, laid off, demoted, or passed over for a promotion, join the. Be it talented and hardworking people, we have all faced obstacles in our career. These hindrances either make or break you. This is what determines who would be successful and who would be unsuccessful. Successful people know how to navigate the roadblocks they face.

Dr. Ashwini chose to be successful by making a decision to attend the Breakthrough Coaching with NLP. “I’m a Physiotherapist by profession & for me this course was a step towards being a holistic healer, I would like to include a lot of other techniques which goes beyond the physical medicine. So this course was a perfect way to access these tools. I would say this the best method that really helped me. I got confident because if I’d have never thought of speaking on-stage or even recording a video like this one untill a month ago. I gained confidence and a clarity on my limitations. Now I finally understand how to break a pattern and shift to where I want to go. Thank you, Dr. Rangana”, shares Yashwini.