Welcome Our New Team of Angels!

Get to know our new and existing team of angels at Vitality Living College. Learn about their roles, background, mantra in life and what they love about Vitality Living College.

We feel blessed to be associated with such an amazing group of earth angels, mentors, confidants and guides. Say "Hi" in the comments below.... 

Daryl Packard, Head Events Angel

Daryl has been born and brought up in Mumbai. He was very close to his parents and is the youngest of his siblings. 

Apart from working, Daryl is into physical fitness and likes reading fiction as well as non-fiction novels. However, music is his first love and he's always been a musically driven person.

"I drive inspiration by people who lead by example.", he mentioned. He is inspired by women of substance and power. 

Daryl believes that a woman is stronger than a man; growing up , he was always surrounded by women of power and looks up to them. "I get inspired by people who have the ability to push and drive others", he says. Daryl was also inspired by Donald Trump because of his growth in real estate and Elon Musk, because of his "mundane" ideas that were all future oriented.

Daryl lives by the quote, "Treat each day likes it's the last day of your life and do the best in whatever way that you can", because there's no guarantee of a tomorrow.

Daryl's wife, Donita worked at VLC and inspired him to join the team. She helped him get to know certain things about himself that he once neglected because of working with an entirely different industry. He mentioned how he's driven by women with ambition and noticed the positive changes in her, which made him want to know more about EFT. "I want to venture out in this industry and my wife introduced me to it. It helped me a lot", says Daryl.

Ishika Wahane, Content Angel

Originally from New Delhi, Ishika grew up in a joint family. Accruing to her growing interest in Mythology and Philosophy, she decided to pursue her under graduation in Philosophy.

She loves writing prose, poems in English and has also published a short story in an anthology! Since Ishika reads a lot of fiction, she finds it easy to drift away into a land of fantasy, which is why she thinks her inspirations are those whom she doesn't share her time and space with.

Ishika also mentioned that Bob Marley inspires her because of his music and his philosophy. She likes how he talks about wilderness and the non-civilised part of human life. She also loves Virginia Woolf because she's a really good writer and it really impacted Ishika when she read one of Woolf's novels.

"The one quote is live by is “Nothing is permanent”- a very Buddhist view that everything is momentary", she mentioned.

Ishika's mother was in isolation due to Covid-19, which is why an internship wasn't really on her mind, but she's glad she accepted the offer. 

Steven Paul, Content Angel

Steven was brought up in a town in the outskirts of Hyderabad and migrated to a town named Shadnagar for ministry transfer.

"Recounting the story of my childhood is always such a joy for the blessings I have received insofar. I was brought up in a childhood filled with the balance of decorum, instilling of Godly values and cool parenting alongside, so much that I was never asked about the marks in any of my exams and was always encouraged to run the course of my passion", he mentioned.

He loves to play music and devotes his free time to cricket. Steven likes books that revolve around theological perspectives. He also plays the keyboard, the guitar and drums! His favourite books are mostly related to Theology and Christian Philosophy.

He lives by the quote, "If anyone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen." Steven mentioned that he feels like he had an unrealistic childhood, in a way that he group up with a perfect balance or cool parenting as well as strict parenting.

"The Bible inspires me because I grew up reading it", says Steven. His father is a pastor, so he was brought up in a very devout, Christian family.

He mentioned that VLC offered him the chance to learn and his work revolves around his passion for literature. Steven also says, "The organisation is aware of others' emotional struggles and that is really commendable."

Nimisha Bhattacharya, Events and Sales Angel

I was born and brought up in Lucknow, and graduated from Isabella Thoburn College there. I majored in Psychology and completed my Masters in Criminology and Criminal Justice Administration”, says Nimisha. 

She is very attached to her mother and her ultimate goal in life is to be as good in her professional life as her mum was. She is Nimisha’s role model from being a good human being, to being a professional. “I owe everything to her”, says Nimisha.

She loves travelling and hopes to explore the North-East of India soon.  


Nimisha also has a Diploma in Classical Music. She loves writing Hindi and Urdu poetry. 

Nimisha has five years of experience working in corporate sector; she has worked in the HR, Background Verification, Immigration Consultation, as well as Management.

In her free time, Nimisha loves listening to music. She finds it to be therapeutic. She happens to love the vibes Hard rock music gives her. However, she also loves writing poetry and watching movies/series.

She strongly believes in the quotes, “This too shall pass”, and “Whatever happens, happens for a good reason”, since she has experienced it all and loves how these always stand true.

Working at the Vitality Living College is one of the best things to have happened to me”, says Nimisha, “I love the warmth and positivity the team gives off. In all my years of working, I have never felt so excited to wake up each day and start working. It’s been one month and the team has been so kind and welcoming. The values and knowledge Dr Rangana imparts to us, is very inspiring. She helps me grow and I hope to learn the skills and professionalism she has.

Debdatta Basu, Head Marketing Angel


Being born and brought up in Kolkata, Debdatta completed her Master’s in Philosophy from Jadavpur University.

She loves painting and has also learnt Kathak. Debdatta has attended workshops with Birju Maharaj and Chandan Das.

I have acted in Bengali serials, and have had many dance performances and stage shows in Kolkata. I also used to write poems and have them published in Bengali. I have worked as a scriptwriter for famous Bengali authors as well”, says Debdatta. 

Her father did not want her to join the film industry, so when she left Kolkata, she decided to make a career in marketing.

The Bhagavad Gita, and Debdatta’s father are her sources of inspiration. She was very close to him and loved spending time with him. Debdatta considered her father as her role model. A quote that she lives by, is “Anything Goes”, meaning nothing is permanent. Apart from working, she loves painting and recycling things. She likes getting creative and uses her art to do so.

"I love Vitality Living College because I get the opportunity to speak my mind, express myself and be creative. Dr Rangana is really approachable and everyone in the team is very friendly and helpful", says Debdatta.

Vani Radhakrishnan, Head Content Angel

I am born and brought up in Bangalore, and love it here. I have majored in Mathematics and completed my Masters in Computer Application”, says Vani.

She took a break for a couple of years and then started technical writing. She worked as a writer for almost 10 years.

Vani has freelanced as a writer and is finally choosing to do everything she wasn’t allowed to due to hectic work schedules, when she worked in the corporate sector. Her mother inspired her the most and she hopes to be more like her. 


She likes spending time giving voice overs, coloring, painting, cooking, writing poetry, and spending time with her son. The popular quote, “Never Give Up”, keeps her motivated and determined to do anything and everything that she wants to.

Vitality Living College helped her look into handling her emotions effectively, after learning EFT with Dr Rangana. She is also planning to become a practitioner, in order to explore the concepts of EFT and help people who could benefit with EFT. She loves Dr Rangana’s workshops and likes working with her as well. Vani mentioned that the team radiates a lot of positive energy, which she really likes. She also considers Dr Rangana to be a role model.

Audrey D'Souza, Content Angel


Audrey was brought up in Kuwait and shifted back to Mumbai for her Undergraduate degree, a couple of years ago. “I was born into a big, happy family where everyone was open-minded and there was just love, everywhere”, she says, “I had a beautiful childhood. I lived with my grandparents and mother for the first few years of my life, and then relocated to the Gulf with my mum, to live with my father.

I love reading, writing poetry, singing and cooking. Up until a few months ago, I never thought I’d find cooking so peaceful and calming. Now it’s my go-to, and makes me feel good about myself”, Audrey mentioned.

Her father inspires her to be a better person, every day. She mentioned that he is someone who is very kind-hearted and loving; she wants to be like him and looks up to him; "I'll be lucky if I grow up to be even half the beautiful soul that my dad is", says Audrey. A friend once told her, “If it's not going to matter in two weeks, it’s not worth stressing over”, and she has been following that quote ever since. 

Vitality Living College has helped me grow professionally. It’s my first job as a Content Writer and I’m learning every day. Dr Rangana is really kind and supportive, and I adore her. The VLC team is very polite and helpful as well; I love the positivity and warmth here”, mentioned Audrey.

And Say Hi To Our Existing Team Members!

Nidhi Gosain, Head Office Admin Angel

Nidhi was born and brought up in Delhi. She was an excellent student which made her feel good about herself and eventually increased her confidence.. 

She is a self-motivated person. She prefers relying on herself and tries her best to perfect anything she commits to.

Although she is occupied with work and studies most of the time, Nidhi also likes to travel, listen to music and workout, when she finds herself free.

The saying, “Jo hoga dekha jaayega” which translates to “Whatever happens, will happen. We’ll deal with it”, is something Nidhi relates to the most. 


She finds it inspiring since it allows her to remain relaxed and calm during stressful situations. In regard to her experience at Vitality Living College, Nidhi says, “Working at VLC is a really different experience. Here, I find myself continuously learning and growing with the team and personally. The main and best reason I love the College so much, is because of Dr Rangana. I absolutely adore her and she has completely changed my life for the better”.

Siddhi Desai, Head Youtube Angel


Siddhi was born in Ahmedabad and brought up in Mumbai and had an amazing childhood. She is quite close to her family and hails from a family of educationalists. Her mother is a classical dancer.

She has always been competitive and athletic, which has helped her boost her confidence and feel good about herself.

Her mother, whom she is very attached to, inspires her the most. Her go-to quote is, “Kal ho na ho”, which translates to, “We never know if there will be a tomorrow”.  

Siddhi loves dancing, music, travelling and reading.

Vitality Living College has helped to mould her personality and she absolutely loves the work environment, positivity and warmth that the team radiates.

Akshatha Kiran, Events Admin Angel

I am from Mysore, Karnataka. It is the City of Palaces, and I love exploring them”, says Akshatha. Her parents are teachers. She grew up with her grandma and was very close to her parents.

Akshatha’s father inspires her; she wanted to become a lecturer like him but her lecturers told her to go for a BBM and an MBA.

She loves watching movies and playing with kids; cooking is also one of her favorite hobbies. She likes to experiment with her food.


Akshatha likes working at the Vitality Living College and has been working for around five years. She adores the team members and finds Dr Rangana very inspiring; it helps her focus and grow personally. She considers this the best job she’s taken.

Damilare Daramola, Office Angel


I am from Nigeria, Africa. Earlier during my childhood, I was close to my parents, but now due to some reasons, I’m most attached to my mother. I love her so much, mostly because of her never giving up spirit”, says Damilare.

I really love singing, listening to music and motivate people to do the same", he said. He always follows the quote, “Impossible is Nothing!”, he says it always motivates and inspires him. There are times when he feels like things are a little difficult, but this quote keeps him going.  

Another saying he sticks by is, “There is a way life will always try to steal your dreams and goals from you; you need to be hungry and relentless in your pursuits.

Sometimes, life tends to play you, but if you are aggressive and passionate about your goals, nothing and no one can take it away from you. 

God inspires Damilare to become better. There is a verse in the Bible that says, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and it's righteousness, and every other thing shall be added unto you”. It always reminds him that he needs to involve God in his moves. God has always helped him in difficult and trying times.

Vitality Living College is a very coordinated organization and I so much love the team with everyone. I feel very comfortable working here”, he says.

Tanish Gosain, Office Angel

Tanish was born in Haryana and brought up in Delhi, where he completed his schooling. He happened to be into athletics.

He is very close to his family. He looks up to his father. and hopes to become a businessman as good as his dad. Tanish is currently pursuing a B.Com (Hons.) from Delhi University given his keen interest in Accounts.

"I love to play cricket, read novels and travel. I usually love reading fictions; i'm currently half-way through The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, and i'm enjoying it", says Tanish.


He follows and strongly believes in the quote, "Everything in life happens for a reason."

"I love working on websites and helping my sister with work. She suggested this internship to me and I am liking it. My colleagues are really nice and are always there whenever I require help", says Tanish.

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