Join me in saying hello to our new team members!

Join me in saying hello to our new team members!

Hello! I’m currently writing from London and I’m very excited to share the latest news about Vitality Living College. I am expanding the team and am thrilled to welcome two new members to the family, and together we are here to serve you in our mission of transforming lives. Allow me to introduce you to our Sales & Business Development Manager, Meghna Anand, and also to our Content Writer, Arwa Rangwala. I’m truly blessed and lucky to have found such great people, so please do get to know more about them below as you’ll be communicating with Meghna who handles all inquiries, and will also be hearing from Arwa, through our blogs and e-mail communication. 

Meghna Anand, Business Development Manager


I was born and brought up in Delhi, and am still currently attached to my roots, being based in the city,” says Meghna. “I completed my 12th standard from a correspondence course and went on to do my Graphic Designing from MAAC, but realized I wasn’t suited to graphic designing as a profession. I went on to start my professional career by working with a BPO,” says Meghna. After leaving the call center, she attended a course at the National School of Drama in Haldwani, where she discovered her love of acting, photography, and meditation. Meghna went on to work with an NGO and then at Ferns N Petals as the Corporate Business Development Manager. Not long after did she take a short break to participate in a several photoshoots and theatrical plays. “One of the plays I did was a solo play by Mahesh Bhatt called ‘Daddy’, which released in Pakistan. I resumed working with an organization called Zorba the Buddha, a spiritual center in Delhi for 2 years as the program manager”.

Whilst working at the spiritual center, Meghna began looking deep within and got to know her true self. “As I found myself, several people in my lives weren’t happy with the my new changes, so I let them go without any attachments. At the time, I felt what I was doing was right because I was learning to love the real me. Today, those same people are back in my life with a lot of respect for me and a lot more love in our relationships.”


Meghna took another break from work to pursue more acting and modelling assignments. “I later heard from a friend that Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD), the Founder of Vitality Living College, was looking to expand her team. I was wondering whether this was the right opportunity for me, so I mediated on the decision. Every time I pondered about it, I clearly felt in my heart that it would be the perfect role for me.”

Meghna continues, “It’s absolutely wonderful to be working for such an awesome company that helps people to grow and develop their true potential. I really enjoy my work on the business development side, and also enjoy working with Vitality Living College because of the flexibility that I have with my work,” says Meghna.

In addition to her work with Vitality Living College, Meghna loves to travel and express herself in unique ways. “I consider myself to be a really quirky person! Whether it’s sharing a post on social media or hosting a party, I love to do things in a unique manner than most people would normally do,” she says. “However I express myself, be it through my theatrical work or in my social circles, I make sure that is is truly ‘me’ and authentic. I can be quite weird, but I’m definitely an ‘acchawala’ type of weird!”

Arwa Rangwala, Content Writer

arwa2I spent my childhood in the States and returned to India when I was 12. I continued my education in Mumbai and studied Psychology and Political Science,” says Arwa. “ After graduation, I was involved in the art world with a few gallery spaces for a couple of years. Having multiple creative passions ranging from writing, graphic design, art, jewellery making and much more, I wanted to make a living from what came naturally to me, so I left my job last year at an art gallery to pursue all my passions at once!” Although having always been a spiritually-oriented person, Arwa was still seeking answers and guidance to many of her own life experiences that she wasn’t able to explain.

It wasn’t until February 2015 that she consulted a spiritual channeller, who guided Arwa to connect and listen to her intuition. “The experience was one of the most profoundly transformational experiences of my life. I finally had the answers, validation and confirmation to the guidance all my life that I had received from within but was unsure whether to trust.” As a result, Arwa knew she wanted to delve into energy healing. Being familiar with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), she came across Vitality Living College and knew that she needed to sign up for the EFT Level 1 & 2 seminar with Dr Rangana in Mumbai.

EFT 1&2 Team- New Changes article
Arwa experienced even more profound shifts in the 3-day seminar. “Dr Rangana is really an amazing facilitator. I enjoyed the seminar a lot, but also experienced some rapidly deep shifts that I wasn’t able to achieve while practicing EFT alone on myself,” Arwa says. “Later in the year, I was able to quit my job and began freelancing as a writer and graphic designer. Not long after, I found out that Vitality Living College needed a writer and I immediately I got in touch. I’m amazed at how far I have come within a year since thanks to the guidance I was given and the shifts that have occurred within me as a result of the healing work. I hope to inspire others through my writings and creativity.”

In addition to her creative outlets, Arwa has another interesting passion. “I’m a huge paranormal enthusiast! Being a highly sensitive person, I’ve had extremely unusual and unexplainable events occur in my life since I was a kid, although I’m less spooked by it now when I encounter these things,” Arwa says. “ At age 8, I would read about ghost stories and supernatural phenomena online, simultaneously feeling super terrified yet extremely fascinated by what I read. I realize that the main part of my fascination stemmed from becoming aware about how much possibility there exists within this universe, as well as within our own lives, than what we are normally led to believe.”

Hashwata- New changes articleWith the addition of our new members, I’d like to take this opportunity to say farewell to our beloved office angel Haswata Harlarka. She will be leaving to pursue a Masters in Psychology in the UK. Haswata has been instrumental in helping me and Vitality Living College grow and in the process she has grown too. She will be missed and I wish her so much love, success and abundance.

In closing, please join me in welcoming the new members to the team and may they thrive, grow and continue to transform from the inside out. 

In love, truth and service.

Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD)

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