Welcome to your learning portal for Soul to Soul Business.  In here you will find the dates of the calls and the links plus the recordings and worksheets for each week. 

Your Next Call 

1. Question & Answer -Being of Value I

Friday 19th June, 4pm IST

2. Week 8 - Being of Value II

Monday 22rd June, 4pm IST

Being of Value I - Week 7 - Video Recording

Week 7 - Being of Value I

Week 7 - Recordings & Worksheets

Magnetising tribe members through posts that engage, educate and empower

How to have professional images and posts

How to write really great captions with a 4 steps captions that connects system

Week 7 - Being of Value I - Worksheets

1. My Value Diamond Worksheet

2.  My Captivating Captions Worksheet

3.  My Perfect Picture Worksheet

Week 7 - Being of Value I - Action Lists 

Here are all the actions from Week 7:

  1. Fill in My Value Diamonds Worksheet
  2. Fill in My Captivating Captions
  3. Book your one to one Soul's Check Point
  4. Download a ColorStory application
  5. Take a few selfies before Friday
  6. Download the Background remover application; https://www.remove.bg/

Week 6 - Friday's Question & Answer - Video Recordings 

How to make your collage of colours, fonts and images to evoke the brand emotions and messages

How to connect images and sounds to emotions

The strategy behind writing quotes, the different types of quotes and the top tips

How to get unstuck and clear on a way forward

Questions and Answers about colours, fonts and images

Soul to Soul Connection - Week 6 - Video Recording

Week 6 - Soul to Soul Connection

Week 6 - Recordings & Worksheets

How to figure out what makes you unique and magnetises your tribe towards you 

Identifying your echoing emotions that align with your tribe & soul's brand and draws your tribe in

Identify the colours that are part of your soul's brand and personality

The fonts that align with your soul's brand 

How to pick the colour that are part of your soul's brand and personality on Canva

Week 6 - Soul to Soul Connection - Worksheets

1. My Soul's Brand Worksheet

2.  My Soul's Personality Worksheet

3.  My Captivating Colours Worksheet

4. My Favourite Fonts Worksheet

5. Mood Board Quickie Set Up

6.  My Emotion Mapping Worksheet

7. Free Images Resources

8. Quote Master Worksheet

Week 6 - Soul to Soul Connection - Action Lists 

Here are all the actions from Week 6:

  1. Fill in My Soul's Brand Worksheet
  2. Fill in My Soul's Personality Worksheet
  3. Fill in My Captivating Colours Worksheet
  4. Fill in My Favourite Fonts Worksheet
  5. Have a play in Canva, identify your Hex colours, fonts, background and accent colours
  6. Have a Mood Board on Canva (Mood Board Quickie Set Up)
  7. Fill In Emotion Mapping Worksheet
  8. Fill In Quote Master Worksheet

Week 5 - Friday's Question & Answer - Video Recordings 

This is a deep dive as part of the Q&A of how to make your presentations even better. This is a beautiful case with Shagufta Patel who is a fabulous parent coach, empowering parents to help their children be confident and overcome behavioural challenges.

A more details look at attracting clients with direct outreach and group life calls

How to sell with ease and power and how to fall in love with making someone’s day - because that is what selling is all about - helping your clients grow, transform and heal.

Questions and answers on how to complete the presentations and the call to action with discussion on pricing.

Building Blocks (Continue) - Week 5 - Video Recording

Week 5 - Building Blocks (Continue)

Week 5 - Recordings & Worksheets

What are promotions and how to attract clients with your proof, pitch and presentation.

The different methods of clients attractions with a focus on direct outreach and live video group calls.

Action Lists Week 5

Learn what to do if your client is ready to book and does not need to go through the consultation script, this includes some fabulous shares too 

Week 5 - Building Blocks (Continue) - Worksheets

1. My Ps of Marketing Worksheet

2.  Testimonials Best Practice

3.  Souls Presentation Template

4. Top Headline Ideas

5.  Viral Post Templates

6. Tips & Life Stories Quickie Set Up

7. Tips & Life Story Template

8. Direct Outreach Method Quickie Set Up

9. Direct Outreach Method Template

10. Whatsapp Campaign to Build Tribe Members

12. Discovery Call Script

13. Initial Consultation Script

Week 5 - Building Blocks (Continue) - Action Lists 

Here are all the actions from Week 5:

  • The Ps of Marketing filled in
  • Put the presentation together with your main headline
  • Read Top Headline Quickie Set Up and get inspired
  • Read Viral Posts Quickie Set Up to have some ideas on on writing yours
  • Write 2 messages this week with headline, copy and call to action.

                         - One tips and

                         - The other life story

  • Update the discovery call script to your needs
  • Update the initial consultation script to your needs
  • Read the Group Live Calls Quickie Set Up

Week 4 - Friday's Question & Answer - Video Recordings 

Recap of the marketing mix: product, price & place, positioning

Sample presentation to regain health, overcome grief and presentation template

Questions & Answers from Week 4 

What to do if there are no testimonials, what might be going on if there is little engagement on facebook and posts are good, focus on what clients want and overcome any need for acceptance

Building Blocks - Week 4 - Video Recording

Week 4 - Building Blocks 

Week 4 - Recordings & Worksheets

How to connect with your Souls Tribe through power activities on Facebook & LinkedIn.

The mini components of marketing to put together your final offer

How to communicate and authentically in a manner that magnetises my tribe

How to set up my calendly account and the benefits

Week 4 - Building Blocks - Worksheets

1. Facebook Profile Quickie Set Up

2.  Facebook Posts Quickie Set Up

3. Soul Power Activities Quickie Set Up

4.  Facebook Group Profiling Worksheet

5. Calendly Quickie Set Up

6. Google Forms Quickie Set Up

Week 4 - Presentation Format

8. Three Steps to Claim Your Life Back

9. Three Steps to Heal Grief & Be Happy

10. Souls Presentation Template

Week 4 - Action Lists 

Here are all the actions from Week 4:

  • Read Facebook Profile Quickie Set Up
  • Read Facebook Posts Quickie Set Up
  • Read Soul Power Activities
  • Complete Facebook Group Profiling - Optional
  • Read Calendly Quickie Set Up - Optional
  • Read Google Forms Quickie Set Up - Optional

Week 3 - Friday's Question & Answer - Video Recordings 

Questions & Answers from Week 3 

There were live demonstration on how to work on the Vision to Action Worksheet, My Numbers Worksheet and Sooper Dooper Research Worksheet.

Today we also discussed about how to frame your Help Statement. Using not only Social Media (FB & LinkedIn) but also Whatsapp Group to connect with your Tribe. 

The Future NOW - Week 3 - Video Recordings 

Week 3 - The Future NOW

Week 3 - Recordings & Worksheets

How to put together a plan from vision, to objectives, to strategies and action

How to craft a vision of your future

How to write objectives that create abundance

The 3 ways in which to achieve the objectives and goals

The things you do to make the strategies happen and goals achieved.

The one page plan to get started

Learn how to put your offer together, have a discovery and coaching consultation call

The actions to achieve the strategies

Questions and answers about how to put your offer in one package instead of a batch consultation, how to deliver your soul message to your tribe, how to shift a profitability company into balance with spirituality 

Week 3 - The Future Now - Worksheets

1. Vision to Action Worksheet

2. Sooper Dooper Research Checklist 

3. Market Research Feedback Worksheet

4. My Numbers Worksheet

5. Discovery Call Script

6. Initial Consultation Script

7. My Offer Research Worksheet

8. CC Tracking Worksheet

Week 3 - The Future Now - Action Lists 

Here are all the actions from Week 3:

●My Vision to Action Sheet
●My Sooper Dooper Research Checklist
●My Message Market Research Feedback
●My Numbers Worksheet
●Read & Update Discovery Call Script
●Practice Coaching Consultation Script With Buddy
●Keep “friending” people on Facebook & Connections on LinkedIn & Interacting on Groups
●My Offer Market Research

The Future - Week 2 - Video Recordings 

Week 2 - The Future

Week 2 - Recordings & Worksheets

Map out your current tribe and future tribe against you current offering and future offering, so that you are able to focus on the most important tribe and offering.

Map out your offerings against what is easy or hard to do and makes more money or less money. This will then provide the most important projects to get behind.

Learn the importance of having a focus and how you can get clear on what your focus needs to be

How to craft your Main Message that has your sooper dooper focus, what it provides and the offer of your program

How to start making connections on Facebook, LinkedIn and with your database to test your Message.

Here are the summary of all the actions that have to be completed this week. 

Questions and answers about figuring out one's tribe and sooper dooper focus.

Here are some sample questions to post on your Facebook, LinkedIn timelines or Whatsapp message to get feedback. 

Week 2 - Friday's Question & Answer - Video Recordings 

Questions & Answers from Week 2

On today's call we discussed on how to make private friend lists, how to profile a Facebook, how to connect with people on groups, what to have on LinkedIn and how to make posts that relate to your tribe.

Week 2 - The Future - Worksheets

1. My Loving Market

2. My Happy Money

3. My Sooper Dooper Focus

4. My Souls Message

5. My Facebook Checklist

6. My LinkedIn Checklist

Week 2 - Action Lists

Here are all the actions from Week 2:

  • My Loving Market Worksheet
  • My Happy Money Worksheet
  • My Souls Message Worksheet
  • Facebook Actions:

- Facebook Checklist

Bio Complete with photograph and help statement

Show my personality and life, but remove anything damaging

Clean up your likes & groups

Post posts that your tribe will relate to and like

Create a friends list if needed to keep business posts private

- Facebook Groups

Match Your Tribe

Check The Description

Scan the posts on the group

Pick 1-2 groups that you focus on, max 3

- Facebook Group Daily Actions

1. My groups to focus on are _________

2. My daily actions are _________

3. Spend 10 minutes browsing the group daily

4. Spend 10 minutes liking 5 people's post and putting a comment

5. Invite those same 5 people as friends and when they accept send a hello hi message

  • LinkedIn Actions:

- LinkedIn Daily Profile Checklist

1. Personal Profile NOT Company

2. I help statement in “About” section or at least a statement that engages your tribe first and not about you

3. Job title, company, location

4. Current Position - Explain what you do, who you help and what your company is all about.

- LinkedIn Actions

1. Identify 5 people that you would love to connect with

2. See their profile and posts and pick a post that you like to like and comment on

3. Invite same 5 people as connections and when they accept send a hello hi message

4. For invites that you get, decide to connect if it feels right, and then also send them a hello hi message.

Week 1 - The Now - Recordings 

Now - Where am I now?

Welcome  - Recordings & Worksheets

Welcome with all my heart. This module is about dreams, the end goal and the transformation pathway needed to get there, either from idea to launch or launch to growth or growth to expansion.

Unveil your dreams for your life, your business and the real reason you want to transform this area of your life. Once you have a strong enough why, the rest just flows with ease. Let your light shine and light up the lives of others.

Learn the foundations of being successful with do's and don'ts. This is the most important video of the program as mindset is everything. When you think you can, you can. When you think you can't, you'll prove it to yourself.

Press play to open your heart and mind to what the universe most wants for you. Notice everything that flows and transpires.  Write down what you discovered in the dream visualisation worksheet below.

1. My Dreams & Transformations 

Week 1  - Recordings & Worksheets

Take stock of where you are now and where do you want to be to supercharge or launch your business.

Discover who are you as someone who makes a difference to the lives of others and how you help others.

Discover who is your tribe & avatar what are their preferences, prayers and answers that make them ideal.

Explore who are the other players in the market who are doing something similar and how are you different.

Discover your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities so that you can leverage your talents in your favour.

Values are what are important to you and are a guiding force in launching, growing or expanding a business. 

Our life stories is what motivates us to do what we do and magnetises our tribe in powerfully.

Learn the  secrets to crafting an offer that goes straight into the soul and enables financial independence. 

What is a Tribe?

It is a group of people that when grouped together have similar traits and buying preferences. For example moms, teenagers, working professionals, relationship challenges, overweight and those who procrastinate. 

What is an Avatar?

A sub section of your tribe which describes in detail their preferences, prayers, answers, frustrations and fears so that you can easily work out how to get on their wavelength fast and be able to make your offer in a manner that they want what you have to offer.  

For example under the tribe umbrella of relationship challenges there might be an Avatar who is going through divorce, or someone who just found out their partner is having an affair or is having a challenge find the right marriage partner.

Week 1 - Friday's Question & Answer - Video Recordings 

Questions & Answers from Week 1. 

The themes were about getting feedback on the Avatar, The Tribe, Database &how the next step is to filter things down to be really specific and choose a preferred help statement through market research. 

Week 1 - Where Am I Now? Worksheets

1. Where I am Now ?

2. Who Am I ?

7. My Tribe Summary

8. My Fellow Players

9. My Fab Opportunities

10. My Grounding Values

11. My Life Stories

Week 1 - My Action Lists

Here are all the actions from Week 1. What is marked in bold is the most important. 

  • Create a folder for all your documents
  • Facebook & or Linked In Account set up
  • My Dream Transformation – Post just the dream section on facebook soul to soul group
  • Where am I now? – e-mailed to you, let us know by reply if there is a change
  • What do I offer? Worksheet
  • My Tribe Worksheet
  • My Database Excel - look at it and get started or use what you have? 
  • My Avatar Excel - look at it and get started with even 1
  • My Summary Tribe Worksheet
  • My Fellow Players Worksheet 
  • My Strengths & Opportunities Worksheet
  • My Grounding Values - Be clear on just the 5 values (it is not compulsory to add the details below each)
  • My Life Stories – Post your life story on facebook soul to soul group
  • My Learnings Week 1 – Post now on whats app group

Details on dates, timings and locations

Soul to soul business

Soul to Soul Training Dates:

Every Monday starting 4th May 2020:

  • Week 1: 4th May 
  • Week 2: 11th May 
  • Week 3: 18th May 
  • Week 4: 25th May 
  • Week 5: 1st June 
  • Week 6: 8th June 
  • Week 7: 15th June 
  • Week 8: 22nd June 
  • Week 9: 29th June 
  • Week 10: 6th July
  • Week 11: 13th July
  • Week 12: 20th July


4 pm -6 pm IST (India)

6.30 pm - 8.30 pm DST (Bali)

8.30 pm - 10.30 pm ACT (Canberra)

10:30 am - 12:30 pm GMT (Spain)

11:30 am - 1.30 pm BST (UK)

Location: Via Zoom Calls

Soul to Soul Question & Answer  Dates:

Every Friday starting 8th May 2020:

  • Week 1: 8th May 
  • Week 2: 15th May 
  • Week 3: 22nd May 
  • Week 4: 29th May 
  • Week 5: 5th June 
  • Week 6: 12th June 
  • Week 7: 19th June 
  • Week 8: 26th June 
  • Week 9: 3rd July 
  • Week 10: 10th July
  • Week 11: 17th July
  • Week 12: 24th July

  • Timings:  

    4 pm -6 pm IST (India)

    6.30 pm - 8.30 pm DST (Bali)

    8.30 pm - 10.30 pm ACT (Canberra)

    10:30 am - 12:30 pm GMT (Spain)

    11:30 am - 1.30 pm BST (UK)

    Location: Via Zoom Calls

    The password is provided on the Whats App Group



    1. Graphics software - Canva 

    2. Facebook Account

    3. Linked In Account 

    4. Instagram Account

    It can be applied to business, work, and relationships, as well as creating personal satisfaction. 

    This course is ideal for:

    • ANYONE on a personal development and self-help journey and want to create the life they want,
    • Managers and leaders who wish to coach themselves and their staff at work,
    • HR professionals, trainers, consultants and coaches who wish to add a coaching system to their existing programs,
    • Entrepreneurs, business owners, and ambitious, success-oriented professionals,
    • Healers, practitioners, therapists, medical health professionals, doctors, nurses, and counselors,
    • Those wanting to work professionally as life coaches, trainers, therapeutic coaches, corporate coaches, or business coaches.
    After 7 days of intensive training with Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD), 5 qualifications are awarded:
    • NLP Diploma,
    • NLP Practitioner,
    • Breakthrough Coaching,
    • Timeline Technology,
    • Hypnosis Practitioner +
    • Free membership of online and SMS support groups,
    • All lunches and refreshments,
    • Invitation to form a Momentum Group in your city.

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