"Thank you for filling in the form to access your Journey Gift Card and Audio Meditations. I have sent you an e-mail with all the links plus details of the Discovery Call with us and find out how The Journey is right for you”

I have also included the audio meditations below.  Listen to these meditations when you are in a quiet space and where will not be disturbed.

To listen to these meditations simple click on the play button. 

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1. Welcome message from Brandon Bays

2. Effortless Being - Meditation

3. Emotions - Guided Introspection 

4. Cleansing Shower Meditation

“I like to listen to the meditations in the evening before going to sleep. I find it lulls me into a deep relaxation. If I have had a very tense day I listen to the Emotions - Guided introspection Meditation as it helps me let go of the built up stress. When I am getting worried or anxious I listen to Effortless Being to allow myself to relax and finally the shower meditation for a deep cleanse” Love Rangana

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