Fear, doubt, insecurity, procrastination holding you back from what you want in life?

Gain Freedom From Fear & Doubt To 

Unleash Abundance In Just 5 Steps

Get the life, body, money, emotional balance & love you want… even in the self-sabotage!

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What Dreams Have You Given Up On?

Is it to live your purpose?

Making a difference to others? 

Or is it to buy what you want, when you want with no thoughts of, "can I afford it?"

(...and never have to worry about paying the bills...)

Or to have the body you desire... 

Get that ring on your finger...

Maybe it's to finally launch your book...

Get traveling to the islands of Hawaii or mountains of Peru...

Or to launch, grow or expand your soul's business helping others heal and making money?

I have known clients who have had every single one of these desires...

...Once those same people discover the 5 steps which transform their dreams from wishing and hoping to realising and becoming... 

...They find their purpose and start living it...

...They manifest money to get the dream home, travel, and get what they want...

...They lose weight and feel healthy...

...They get more paying clients and gain their independence...

...Their love life & relationships transform...

And it lasts...

...and with their questions "Who am I?" and "Why am I here?" finally answered...

...They unlock their dreams with a sense of freedom and peace...

But What Separates The People Who Unlock Their Dreams From People Who Don't?

The people who have unlocked their dreams have melted away their inner limits

Everyone has these inner limits.

They hold you back without you knowing it. 

Examples of these limits include:

  • Fear: You're afraid that you might fail, so it's better not to try in the first place
  • Doubts: You doubt your own ability and can't stop your inner critic from putting you down
  • Confusion: You have too many options to choose from and end up giving up before you started
  • Resistance: You know what you want and how to get it, but you do nothing without knowing why
  • Self-Sabotage: You unconsciously stop yourself from moving forward
  • Procrastination: You put off taking action and "I'll do it tomorrow" becomes a mantra
  • Insecurity: You know your heart wants it, but you don't believe in yourself 

But we've all stopped ourselves from achieving what we want in life. 

We've all procrastinated. 

We've all been afraid to fall down after trying to be brave. 

But how do we overcome all of our limits?

It can only be done through the 5 secret steps.

Once you understand those 5 steps, you will melt the limit that's been holding you back!

And when you free yourself from just one limit, you realise that fears become beatable and dreams achievable. 

As each limit melts, you access a new level of consciousness. 

With each level of consciousness you create new pathways that unearth creativity, compassion, stillness and life-force.

You get plugged into the universal energy that unleashes your purpose, passion, power and vitality.

This is when you see yourself clearly and become aware of your true self.

It Just Takes 5 Steps To Melt Limits & Unleash Your Dreams!

This is exactly how I helped my clients reach their fullest potential in life and discover their true self. The 5 steps can do the same for you.

All you need is an open and welcoming heart.


You missed out!

Who Am I?

My name is Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD). 

I am an International Author, Speaker and Trainer. 

Having self-healed from 3 illnesses, including Cancer, and then becoming financially independent, I have helped others heal illness, overcome hardship, unlock abundance, find their purpose & creativity to love life on their terms filled with passion and independence.

I received my PhD from Oxford University in Biochemistry & Cancer Research. 

My life’s mission is to transform people’s lives. 

I have had the privilege of touching the lives of over 20000 people worldwide from 44 different countries, delivering seminars for the mind, body and spirit.

So believe me when I say this...

“Once you gain awareness of your true self, you can achieve your dreams.”

Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD)

Here's proof... Just look at this article from Harvard University:

“Research suggests that when we see ourselves clearly, we are more confident and more creative.

We make sounder decisions, build stronger relationships, and communicate more effectively

We’re less likely to lie, cheat, and steal.

We are better workers who get more promotions. 

And we’re more-effective leaders with more-satisfied employees and more-profitable companies.”  

Here’s how you can have that for yourself...

Introducing Limitless Living: 

A Life Of Purpose, Passion, Power And Vitality!

Limitless Living is a live online event that I’ve created  to help you get unstuck.

You can join the daily calls from the comfort of your couch, work table or bedroom.

All you need is either a computer, laptop, phone or tablet with internet connection to join the video calls.

Every day, while we connect and become a part of the same energy, you will learn a new secret to access a difference level of consciousness to unlock your dreams.

Every day, you will feel yourself unfold more and more.

Every day, you will be feeling yourself getting less stuck.  

We will help you find your...

  1. 1
    • Unlock your creativity, abundance and manifestation power
    • Gain the independence to get what you want, when you want
  2. 2
    • Hop out of bed instead of dragging yourself from under the covers

    • Discover your spouse as the beautiful person you love and cherish

  3. 3
    • Unleash your purpose and let it shine reaching millions 

    • Know who you are, your truest self and live it wholeheartedly 

  4. 4
    • Transform your body, mind and health, saying good bye to sabotage 

    • Self-heal and nourish yourself with total acceptance and love

How Limitless Living Changed The Lives Of Those Who Attended The 6 Day Program..

Physical Transformations


My Client's Rash Healed

My client came to my clinic with a severe allergic rash on her body which covered mainly her arms and legs. She was suffering from this rash for the last 4 years and had tried various treatments for the same. Her mother and she strongly believed that this was not just a physical complaint. During the session, we worked on issues of being disappointed with her family especially her father and brother.

She was able to forgive them and be more accepting of them. The next day her rash completely subsided. It's been a month now that she is absolutely fine. Moreover, after the session, she also got her periods which were delayed for more than 3 months due to her PCOS. It was indeed an amazing experience to see a great transformation in my client with just one session😀

Dr Mitali Upadhye , Holistic Doctor & Wellness Expert

Dropped 3 kg in weight in the 5 days...

I have tried many diet and exercise plans for weight loss. Nothing worked. So I just let it go and stopped focusing on any weight issues. During the Limitless Living week, I worked on my body asking for forgiveness for torturing it so much over the years with emotions, foods, chemicals and even self-inflicting pain and destruction through suicide attempts. I lost 3 kgs over the past week. It’s so amazing!

Donita Packard , Healer & Coach, Mumbai India

My client healed of Psoarisis

I did the Great Flow session of LL with a case study. She has Psoriasis in her palms and her scalp and this is the pic she sent 5 days after our first session, informing me that in all the while, her hands haven't looked so good.

Sharmee Divan , Healer & Coach

Business Transformations


New Clients in 5 minutes

I sent out the message to magnetize clients and I have 5 yes’ already in a matter of 5 minutes.

Meetu Sehgal , Healer, Coach & Therapist

Long Awaited Coaching Contract Awarded After Process...

As soon as I logged out, after the session I noticed the email that I had been expecting and not getting was one of the reasons that were causing me to feel so depressed. Once I used the process to lift the despair, the e-mail accepting my coaching proposal arrived.

Nisrin Asgarali , Coach, Healer & Practitioner

My Clients Blocked Abundance Flows with Ease

I was working with a client today who was stuck and frozen in fear about his funds and what if the funds don't come. I tried the Now Flow with him along with a bit of tapping.

Things immediately started flowing as he felt relaxed and relieved as he welcomed the fear and also funds not coming in. He felt more confident and relaxed at the end of it. It worked like magic. Thank you Rangana. This was powerful. Investors connected with him on their own.

Meetu Sehgal , Healer, therapist & Coach

Relationship Transfromations


Friends Came Back When The Judgement was Gone

I just wanted to share something that occurred to me this morning while thinking of yesterday’s process. Every time I have judged someone in my life it’s always been at a time when I’m feeling insecure, unhappy, uncomfortable, or judged myself... I realize this because I had lost touch with many many friends due to this. And of course, this also happens with the age and stage you’re at in life...

However, since my journey with inner work started a lot of things shifted within me and therefore the judgment also stopped (not to say I’ll never judge again or have stopped judging but just for this particular example) and suddenly the inflow of all my long lost friends is overwhelming! And the beauty of it is that they’ve accepted me just the way I am, and when I say long lost - it’s literally been 28 years... but since that mask lifted - it’s gone back to the feeling like not a single day has passed...I’m SO grateful to have been taught this process - it’s a beautiful one to consciously use - and so humbling and liberating at the same time.
Thank you so much @Rangana Uk - I can’t wait for the next two week ❤️❤️

Revati Nehru , Coach & Marketeer

The Relationship With My Sister Healed & She Asked Me To Help Her

Yes, the relationship with my sister healed, when I did the forgiveness and allowed myself to be and in full acceptance of who I am, I noticed she accepted me too and for the first time instead of making me feel small and wrong (controlling). She asked me to forgive her and be her mentor and do a session to help her anger and even accepted that I was the guinea to her anger ☺ This has never happened.

Sonal Karamchandani , Healer & Coach

Emotional Transformations


I Claimed My Power

I am feeling so light emotionally. I was working towards something not so fruitful. And now I feel lighter and not guilty. Feel like I took my power back

Sharmee Divan , Healer & Coach

Emotional and Physical Healing

I find that since Limitless Living and Soul to Soul not sure which one but they have brought up so many of my issues that were tightly tucked away, away from my own awareness and the very fact that I’m allowed to claim all the emotions rising up, makes it a less confrontational and more accepting and comfortable exercise for me.

I feel my eyes are looking clearer if you know what I mean... I feel that people around me are beginning to understand my perspective better and where I speak from and in general, there’s some shift in general communication. I find myself looking forward to more of the polishing of the diamond that’s within me...

Revati Nehru , Coach & Marketeer

Spiritual Transformations


An amazing process

OMG it's an amazing process. I LOVE the delete button.

Meetu Sehgal , Healer, Therapist and Coach

Became One With The Universe.

Before the 5 day program my intention was that I want to be able to break the boundaries I have built around myself and live a truly limitless life. Four days of meditations and process work helped me clear out so much I didn't even realise I had. During the meditation on the 5th day, I had an out of body experience and became one with the universe, just observing. My wisdom was that there were no boundaries anyway. I am already limitless, tapping into infinite universal energy. Completely aligned. Such is the power of Limitless Living. I recommend it to everyone irrespective of limitations or not.

Donita Packard , Healer & Coach

A Strong Blast Of Energy, Never Felt Before

Thank you for today and especially the meditation towards the end - I just felt some strong blast energy flow through me so much so that my body began to sway with it...It was one of the most powerful experiences I’ve ever had.

Revati Nehru , Coach & Marketeer

The Stuckness In My Throat Loosened And Stillness All Around...

It was an awakening and acceptance of everything!! My heart was fluttering & opening. My hands went to my forehead and throat, and then to my lower back and back to my forehead and saw a myriad of colors which ended with white bright light!! There was something stuck in my throat which loosened towards the end. Very beautiful & intense for me. Stillness around and deep gratitude.

Babita Kapoor , Women's Emotional Wellness Coach

We invite you with all our hearts

to unleash your passion, prosperity, power and vitality during these 6 days:

Day 1 - The Great Flow

Uncover your heart's desire and heal any and all limits to unleash fulfilment and joy:

  • Identify the area of your life, health, relationships, finances, career, family, emotional state and mental state you want to transform
  • Discover the limits that prevent manifestation and delete it from the origin
  • Go through a 25 steps healing process that resets the past and programs the future
  • Install the new vibration through a heart meditation that relaxes and soothes

Day 2 - The Now Flow

Melt resistances, blocks, limits, fears, doubts & conflicts to feel at peace:

  • Experience a 5-step process to melt emotional hooks that sabotage your dreams
  • Accept and allow what is to be able to be present in the moment 
  • Learn how to free yourself from negativity as part of a daily personal peace procedure
  • Heal emotions that hinder present moment awareness and welcome flow

Day 3 - The Intuitive Flow

Heal the judgments and criticism to become an instrument, a channel of grace:

  • Learn what is the shadow and how to heal it, enabling unbridled acceptance 
  • Learn a 13-step process to accept and embrace  judgements and insecurities 
  • Cut the ties that bind and cords that hold back joy and passion
  • Become a channel through which life happens, at ease with self with the "Empty Vessel" Meditation 

Day 4 - The Limitless  Flow

Experience yourself as the universe where you become ONE:

  • Learn about the 4 levels of consciousness and how each is a stepping stone 
  • Learn the secret to accessing the highest level of consciousness 
  • Experience the 10-step forgiveness that heals and bathes in an ocean of love
  • Get plugged into the universal energy with freedom from mind and the body

Day 5  - Living In Flow

Live in flow by engaging in a 3-step daily practice that expands: 

  • You will learn how to keep what you have found through a practice of gratitude, forgiveness and meditation  
  • Experience yourself as the "Universe" with a powerful meditation  
  • Reclaim your birthright of a lifetime of peace and power
  • Access 24 process sheets and 6 healing meditations

Bonus: Day 6  - Limitless Living Coach / Practitioner

How to get certified as a Limitless Living Coach / Practitioner:

  • You will learn how to conduct client case study sessions.
  • Complete information on how to become a LL Practitioner and submitting your case studies.


"I loved the ease of flow in the program. It was a set of simple yet very powerful tools that were given out in such a way that it felt like it was an obvious transition and that the subconscious mind was already prepared for the next step."

Sharmee Divan - Workshop Facilitator


You missed out!

Limitless Living - 6 Days For The Rest Of Your Life

I've created pricing options and payment plans to support you fully during the current economic climate so that you can access this work in the most affordable way, along with lifetime access.


NORMALLY Rs 65000 / $835 USD

3 payments of

Rs 20167 / $262 USD


1 payment of

Rs 55000 / $710 USD


Your BONUSES ...

Weekly Hangouts for 6 Weeks

On Wednesday 4:00 - 7:30 pm IST

Every week will be like a new live  seminar, with demonstrations, questions and answer sessions and new teachings to set you free! Starts 23rd November 2022.

Limitless Living Hangout Dates:

On Wednesday starting 23rd November 2022

Additional 21 hours of training

  • Week 1: 23rd November 2022
  • Week 2: 30th November 2022
  • Week 3: 7th December 2022
  • Week 4: 14th December 2022
  • Week 5: 4th January 2023
  • Week 6: 11th January 2023

Membership of FB & Whats App 

Online support group

In-between the live calls you share insights, learnings, ask questions and participate in the daily practices to keep getting unstuck and unleashing your dreams!

Assist in future trainings 

Deepen in your learnings

Assist on future trainings at no charge - deepen your learnings. Help new delegates joining.  Keep up to date with he latest developments in Limitless Living.  

Access to past and current recordings 

 Heal & Transform 

Watch the current recordings again and again and have access to the past LL hangout video recordings to continue to heal and transform.   


Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

I know you will love this program so much and will keep coming back for more. In the unlikely event you are not satisfied, you are welcome to request a no questions asked full money back guarantee. Just let us know by Day 2 before the training begins and we will  provide you with a no questions asked full money back guarantee and you can even keep any on the trainings from Day1. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Limitless Living program for?

How much time will I need to dedicate?

Is the online program for Limitless Living as effective as a face to face program?

I have so many issues in my life, health, love and money, can this program benefit me?

I don’t have time to attend these sessions every day. Will these sessions be recorded?

If I don’t know what my subconscious block is, will this program still help me?

Do you have a refund policy if I am not satisfied with the program?

Is there after program support in case I have any questions or doubts?

Will this program impede on my own religious beliefs?

Will this process of transformation and self-healing ever finish?

Creativity Unlocks

Poetry Written As A Result Of Limitless Living 

Heart beating hard, becoming aware of the panic arising in the body, diving deeper into awareness.

The mind starts weaving stories and words to make sense, to protect.

But the sense and protection was not for me.

It was for itself perhaps.

Because none of it ever makes sense, and ever helps.

All that happened was the heart kept beating louder and louder, the mind kept spinning new images.

The awareness kept becoming deeper and deeper in allowance.

Everything was welcome, the discomfort, pain, daze, unease, the beliefs, the sounds...

All was welcome and the awareness kept deepening.

And suddenly it was all blank, darkness, nothing.

There was only silence.

Soothing silence like a balm.

Then, your words from the meditation opened up all that was needed to be released and accepted and allowed.

The body settled, the mind silenced and there it was...

Peace and silence.

Within and without.

Meetu Sehgal

Tears flow from deep within I know not why 

Yet seems a calling to dive within 

To the space of true belonging -

Expression of Essence

Living with Power 

Surrendered n merging with it 

What's left I wonder!

The nonexistence of what I know 

Existence of what’s unknown

Bridging this is the journey beginning 

Space while comforting is tender and overwhelming

Let go off all that I held as secure and defining

Path ahead is unscripted 

While that brings shivers down the spine

I ask myself what's been mine when all that I longed was to be with the Divine!!!

Sudha Prabhu

He kept telling her, you are not safe, they will get you , you can’t trust anybody not even yourself, you keep changing, others keep changing.


Nothing is constant.


How can you feel safe when nothing is constant, he kept holding her tight, he kept telling her that she only needs to trust him, trust him she did, he would accompany her everywhere, sneaking up and stopping her whenever she let herself step out of his clutches ,he would always be there.

Protect her, he did, from her own self, from the Love she perceived coming to her, he kept her safe in his strong embrace never allowed her to take chances. He was doing the best he could from what he always knew.

He kept whispering how much he cared for her and felt responsible and needed to make sure she was always safe, safe in his embrace.

One day while he was asleep, she peeped outside the window of his strong and stifling hold, noticed the butterfly prance around, the flowers and trees basking under the sun, saw the birds take flight,  she felt her breath consume her, she felt safe with each inhale and felt freedom with each exhale.

She asked the butterfly aren't you scared of being hurt, you are so beautiful gentle and lovely, the wind might get you ,the butterfly laughed and said that’s ok too, I will grow new wings like I always do, she saw this gentle creature carry the garden in her wings, she sensed what it was like to be Free and Safe, how one couldn’t thrive without the other.

Oh sweet girl, she tasted what it was like to be in her own, she missed his strong presence, it was the only thing that comforted her all these years.

She went back to him, kissed him, held his hand and took him along, he kept checking in with her, she just whispered in his ear, my love, my friend, trust me, stay with me , be with me, accompany me and we will journey together, she kept moving, feeling the earth beneath her feet, the wind caressing her hair, she knew adventures await her, exciting and fun explorations .

He asked, don’t you miss me, she gently gazed in his eyes and softly kissed his forehead and said, you are always with me, don’t worry friend, I am here and everywhere, within you around you. I am here ,you are safe, always have been always will be.

Aradhana Sondhi

“I welcome you with all my heart to a life without limits.” Love Rangana

"The body settled, the mind silenced, and there it was... stillness and peace..."

You have been called to read this for a reason. 

Don’t waste your chance to have a lifetime of peace. 

If your heart is calling you, listen to that quiet voice and take your first step. 

If you want to find passion, purpose, power, and vitality

And to rise above fear, procrastination, and self-sabotage

I will all be waiting for you with open arms. 

I am so excited to meet you and notice your life transform.

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