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Here’s what Scientific Medical Research is Saying about Emotions and Cell Regeneration

Research by the American Center for Disease Control states that 85% of all illness is emotionally based. So at times of stress and distress it’s no surprise that heart disease, cancer, depression, asthma, burnout and many other illnesses are on the increase. Our emotions, thoughts and words influence our bodies and the effect our cells, DNA and ultimately our health.

Over the years numerous scientist and medical doctors have studied and subsequently verified research in support of The Journey Method. Dr Bruce Lipton, Candace B. Pert, Ph. D. andDeepak Chopra, M. D. and others, have shown that at a molecular level, suppressing emotions can lead to individual cell receptors becoming blocked. These blocks then interfere with the normal healthy communications between cells, and this impairs many body functions. Conversely,allowing the feelings and emotions to flow unblocks the receptors and helps maintain health.

Dr Deepak Chopra in his book Quantum Healing published the theory that trauma and suppressed negative emotions are often stored as ‘phantom memories’ in our cells. He argued that these cellular memories act subtly over long periods of time, and can cause disease and illness many years after they have first been put in place. What Brandon discovered, was how to access specific cell memories and, more important how to actively resolve and let go of the stored issues.

Your Emotions Play An Important Role In Your Physical Health

Renowned cellular biologist Dr. Candace Pert has established that when we have repressed emotions, or issues we’ve buried or swept under the carpet, it creates a body chemistry that can block our cell receptors in certain areas of the body. If those cells remain blocked over a long period of time there is an increased likelihood for illness to be created in the specific areas where the cells are blocked.

The key to cellular healing is to uncover the repressed trauma, or the unaddressed cell memory, resolve it and clear it completely. Then your body and your being can naturally go about the process of healing and you are left soaring in a boundless peace, wholeness and wellbeing that is your own essence.

The Illness Starts Where Your Cells Are Blocked

“What science has found is that when you’re at the peak of a strong emotion, if you suppress it at this time – for example as people do when they go into shock or have a trauma – a biochemical reaction will go into the bloodstream. If over time cells remain blocked, that’s where illness is going to start. The Journey Method helps you go through a process of releasing the trauma.”

~ Brandon Bays
Your Thought Patterns Can Strongly Suppress Your Immune System

“Psycho-Neuro-Immunology research has produced compelling evidence that our thought patterns directly and instantaneously affect our whole body chemistry, and can suppress our immune system.1 We all ‘know’ that angry people get more heart attacks, and stressed-out people get ulcers. Only happy is healthy, and some evidence even links grief, fear or resentment to cancer.2″

~ Kevin Billett
Reference 1 Jeanne Achterberg, Imagery in Healing. Boston. Shambala. 1985
Reference 2 R J Weber & C B Pert, Opiatergic Modulation of the Immune System, in E E Miller & Andrea R Genazzini, Central and Peripheral Endorphins. New York. Raven Press. 1984

A Leading Scientist And Researcher Endorses The Journey Method

Lynne McTaggart, a scientist, best-selling author and lecturer who has been researching medicine and physics over the past 20 years talking to Brandon Bays, the creator of the Journey method:

Brandon Bays teamed up with leading scientist and author Lynne McTaggart to explore the link between science and spirituality. Lynne McTaggart has established herself as the foremost commentator on science and spirituality through her best-selling books The Field and The Intention Experiment, and through her tenacious and exhaustive research has demonstrated the links between spirituality and science.