Here are your latest The Journey Resources, plus the previous one's stored on one loving place. 

The Journey Audio Meditations

1. Welcome message from Brandon Bays

2. Effortless Being - Meditation

3. Emotions - Guided Introspection 

4. Cleansing Shower Meditation

“I like to listen to the meditations in the evening before going to sleep. I find it lulls me into a deep relaxation. If I have had a very tense day I listen to the Emotions - Guided introspection Meditation as it helps me let go of the built up stress. When I am getting worried or anxious I listen to Effortless Being to allow myself to relax and finally the shower meditation for a deep cleanse” Love Rangana

Your Journey Processes read by Brandon Bays

The Journey Gentle Welcome Process

And now to the treat I have in store for you. 

This is a video of Brandon facilitating the Gentle Welcome 

(it's a live recording and hence the quality reflective of that)....

This is the first part of The Emotional Journey Process.

You have a couple of options:

1. Simple watch the video

2. Bring into your awareness an emotion you might like to work on and as you watch along follow the process for yourself.

If you decide on option 2, it's best to complete the process when you will not be disturbed.

You can even come back to this video weekly.

It's saved on our YouTube Channel.

Just like the video, hit subscribe and ring the bell and you will be notified when the next healing process goes live.

The Journey Book

Here is the complimentary copy of the abridged version of The Journey

The Journey Process Sheets

The Emotional Journey is ideal to heal emotional issues, for example anger, fear, sadness, loss, grief, heart-ache and hurt.

The Physical Journey is used by companies for burn-out, in hospitals for health and schools to help kids increase their grades.

For a person who is new to The Journey, it's best to begin with the Emotional Journey first.

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