Experience Transformation: Borrowing Benefits Of EFT Tapping

EFT Borrowing benefits and body tapping

In this article, you will learn about the borrowing benefits of EFT Tapping, its advantages, how to conduct a borrowing benefits session, and how Emotional Freedom Techniques and Personal Peace Procedure addresses one’s own issues and helps out others.

You might have heard of Borrowing Benefits which provides you peace and harmony while reducing the emotional intensity when you tap along with the group.

From the very earliest use of EFT training, practitioners and those who just tapped along during workshops and demonstrations were reporting that their own particular problems were reduced or removed even though they had not been specifically tapping on them (1).

This phenomenon was most marked amongst practitioners who spent a lot of time tapping along with their clients on the latter's problems.


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a therapeutic approach that combines elements of traditional Chinese Medicine with the practice of tapping on specific acupuncture points on the body.

As per clinical studies, EFT Tapping helps release emotional and psychological distress, reduce stress, subsidise food cravings, and restore emotional balance. It is a holistic and non-invasive technique that aims to improve emotional well-being and mental health (1).

Emotional freedom Techniques (EFT); EFT international; nine meridian points

EFT Tapping is a potent emotional healing method that involves tapping on specific acupuncture points, or meridian points, across the body.

Each of these points serves a unique purpose in EFT Tapping techniques:


Karate Chop Point

Located on the outer edge of the hand, this point initiates an EFT session with a setup statement. It promotes a calming and receptive state, making it easier to address emotional issues.


Collarbone Point

Just below the collarbone, this point is effective for managing anxiety and releasing tension associated with social situations.


Under Arm Point

About four inches below the armpit, it helps alleviate physical tension, discomfort, and general emotional distress.


Nose Chin Point

Situated just below the lower lip and above the chin, this point boosts self-esteem and self-acceptance.


Eyebrow Point

Found at the beginning of either eyebrow where hair meets the nose bridge, it's crucial for releasing emotional tension, addressing trauma, and enhancing self-acceptance.

These meridian points are integral to EFT Tapping. By tapping on these points while focusing on specific emotional issues and repeating setup statements, individuals can release stress, restore balance, blood flow and blood pressure and promote relaxation and a healthy immune system.

How does Tapping work; EFT Tapping points


"Borrowing Benefits" is a fascinating phenomenon in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), emphasising the interconnectedness of emotions.

This innovative approach to emotional healing involves participants tapping along with a group or session, even if the issue being addressed isn't their own.

Through this collective experience, individuals can alleviate stress response, and achieve emotional balance.

EFT operates by working with the body's energy flow and Borrowing Benefits capitalises on this principle. During a tapping sequence, participants tap in unison with the session leader, allowing their own negative feelings to dissipate.

This process showcases the holistic nature of EFT and its potential to restore emotional equilibrium and mental clarity.

What's intriguing about Borrowing Benefits is that participants don't need to focus on their own issues during the session. Instead, they can tap along with someone addressing a different problem.

This indirect approach often leads to profound results as individuals discover parallels in their own struggles, highlighting the power of collective healing.

In group settings, Borrowing Benefits can be a deliberate strategy. Participants set an intention to work on their specific issues while tapping along with someone else's demonstration.

This fosters empathy, deepens emotional exploration, and demonstrates the effectiveness of EFT in harmonising energy flow and promoting emotional well-being.

In essence, Borrowing Benefits exemplifies EFT's ability to reduce negative emotions, relieve stress, and restore emotional balance and brain health, even when addressing issues indirectly.

It underscores the interconnectedness of emotional experiences and the body's energy system, making it a valuable tool for achieving emotional healing and balance.

Borrowing Benefits of EFT Tapping; Clinical EFT Tapping for positive thoughts


As a strategy, Borrowing Benefits can be used formally with a group to help each attendee clearly identify an issue to address in preparation for ‘tapping along’ with a demonstration. Here's why:


Efficiency in Healing Physical Pain

Borrowing Benefits allows individuals to experience emotional relief and healing even when they are not directly addressing their own issues.

This makes EFT more time-efficient and accessible, as participants can benefit from a group session without having to delve into their personal problems during every session.


Reduced Emotional Intensity

Tapping along with someone else's session can lead to a reduction in emotional intensity and stress relief, promoting emotional well-being and relaxation, and relief from emotional pain and physical pain. It also helps with posttraumatic stress disorder.


Holistic Healing

Borrowing Benefits highlights the interconnectedness of emotional experiences and the body's energy flow, along with improved mental focus, emphasizing the holistic nature of EFT.


Group Dynamics

In group settings, Borrowing Benefits can create a sense of community and shared healing experiences. Participants can bond over their collective journey towards emotional well-being, providing support and motivation.


Broader Perspective

Tapping on different issues during Borrowing Benefits sessions allows participants to gain insights into various emotional challenges and coping strategies, broadening their perspective on their own issues and promoting personal growth.



Borrowing Benefits empowers individuals to actively participate in their emotional healing journey while also helping others. This sense of empowerment can boost their self-esteem and confidence.



Borrowing Benefits can be used in various settings, including live group sessions, online videos, or audio recordings, making it a versatile approach that can be accessed and practiced conveniently.

Advantages of borrowing benefits tapping sessions; balance energy flow


Conducting a successful Borrowing Benefits session in EFT requires a clear process:


Pre-framing the Audience

Start by explaining the process and the importance of specificity. Emphasise that Borrowing Benefits involves tapping on specific acupuncture points or body's meridian points while focusing on a "specific event" or a negative emotion from the past. Stress that the specificity of this event is critical for success.


Selecting Specific Events

Have participants choose a specific event and give it a descriptive title, treating it like the title of a short movie. Instruct them to write down this title for reference.


Audience Engagement

Before the session begins, interact with the audience to ensure they grasp the concept of specific events. Some may need guidance in identifying one.


Intensity Measurement

Ask participants to rate the intensity of their chosen specific event on a 0-10 scale, based on their current feelings towards it. This rating should reflect their present emotional state, not how intense the event was when it occurred.


The concept of karma, often portrayed negatively, works both ways. Being a good person and helping others tends to attract positive experiences into your life.

Surprisingly, helping others doesn't add stress but rather equips you with better stress management skills by broadening your perspective.

Helping others is an extremely important aspect of humanity, bringing people together and creating a beautiful world filled with love and unity.

When you make a positive difference in someone's life, you feel linked to them; it's a connecting experience. Co-operation fosters trust, which not only pulls them closer to you but also brings you closer to them.

Acts of kindness are contagious and inspire others, leading to a ripple effect of positivity in your community (2).

Borrowing benefits of Tapping therapy using specific acupressure points


Kindness, in all its forms, creates a profound sense of beauty and compassion.

Out of all the most important and wholesome things we remember in life, the ones that stick with us the longest is when someone makes an effort, no matter how modest, without you having to ask for it. 

The simplest method to convey happiness from one person to another is to be kind to them. Even the tiniest act of kindness has the potential to make someone's day.

When you treat others with kindness, you are reminding them that they are valuable, and they matter. You can inspire someone to be good to someone else by performing a modest act of kindness for a stranger.

EFT Body Tapping technique for post traumatic stress disorder; treat pain


Fortunately, new and effective methods are continually being discovered to build connections, enhance relationships, and lower stress, ultimately promoting overall health in individuals and organisations.

The Personal Peace Procedure (PPP) is one such powerful method for addressing personal issues with the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and assisting others. It is a leading central healing tool used by physicians, therapists, spiritual counselors, and personal performance coaches worldwide.

The PPP involves creating a list of specific memories or events and systematically working through them using EFT.

Memories can be ordered chronologically, thematically, or randomly, as long as you start with less emotionally charged memories. You can choose the order that suits you, addressing memories one by one in a gentle manner.

“No one has ever become poor by giving.” 

Anne Frank

The Personal Peace Procedure is a systematic way to do EFT for our own self-care.

It is a prerequisite before we start to work professionally with others, and a way to deal with issues that arise in our lives and work thereafter. You can also help others by teaching them how to use the personal peace approach and spreading kindness in the process.

The procedure entails neutralising each negative memory until the emotional intensity reaches zero. When you tap on one memory, it may bring others to the surface, which you can add to your list but address one at a time.

Building a meaningful existence begins with seeking opportunities to help others, as giving leads to purpose, meaning, and happiness—elusive but essential aspects of life.

Remember to be kind and compassionate, utilising EFT Tapping to spread kindness for the betterment of society.

Tapping works with energy channels to reduce stress and anxiety, emotional pain

We don't find a meaningful existence; we build it via our activities, and it all starts with seeking out opportunities to assist others.

The more we give, the more we stand to earn purpose, meaning, and happiness—all of the things we seek yet find so difficult to obtain in life.

Corporate trainer Neeraj Kumar applied the EFT Tapping process with executives in the corporate arena, where the fear of public speaking can be a hindrance to growth. He shared how helping others brings with it a sense of peace and satisfaction that no other substance can give. 

Finally, remember to be kind and compassionate to yourself and others. You can also utilise EFT Tapping to help others by spreading kindness for the betterment of society.

I hope that my beliefs stick with people who read them, and that you, too, will recognise the delight in helping others and do the same.

Continue to learn and tap!


Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD)

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In summary, making a positive impact on others can transform your own perspective and attitude. Acts of kindness boost your mood, fostering happiness and a more positive outlook, significantly enhancing your well-being. Through techniques like EFT, such as The Personal Peace Procedure and Borrowing Benefits, you can achieve vitality and spread this positivity to others. It's a path to a life filled with health, wealth, and happiness. Happiness is attainable, and you can help others find it too.

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