How can coaching help you and what is effective coaching?

“That’s the beauty of coaching. You get to touch lives, you get to make a difference.” – Morgan Wooten

It is really important to have someone in life, that we can talk to and share our issues with, even if it is just to get a 3rd party perspective.

You probably have been coached without even realising that, that was what has made you into the individuals that you are now.

pretty-351884_1920You all have gone through those times even in your childhood when parents, siblings and elders told you what to do and who you should be. At your workplaces you have your bosses doing the same and even among friends you have those really special ones advising you from time to time.

However the coaching that you receive from friends and family can sometimes be biased and may not always be in your best interests. In a way this is not really beneficial coaching to you.

brothers-444924_1920What if there was no one around to advise and coach and you really only had to rely on your judgements to make the best possible decision for your desired outcome?

This happened with me too. While I knew that I was doing something wrong, I didn’t know why and also how to correct the issue. That is when I attended Breakthrough Coaching with NLP. It equipped me with the tools to really understand what coaching really is and how I could coach myself and others without being judgmental or biased.

So what is Coaching?

To put it simply, coaching is helping yourself, or others achieve goals quickly and effectively.

Not all coaches are effective coaches. While a coach will always guide you and tell you how you can achieve your goals. An effective coach will go a step further to help you.

What is Effective Coaching?

Effective Coaching is when a coach can identify easily what the underlying reasons and self sabotaging patterns are through effective questioning, get to the root of the issue and then eliminate it from there to create a compelling future for you, keeping in mind what it is that you want from life. This is also called Breakthrough Coaching

It is when a coach really understands what it is you want, with unconditional love and compassion, rather than telling you what you should be doing.

An effective coach will ask all the right questions and use some of the most advanced tools to help you realise the answer and bring to your awareness some of the solutions you never thought possible.

There are mainly 5 stages in any person’s life. These five stages could be applied anywhere, in personal relationships, at the workplace, career, health, even in general life itself!

A- The stage where your motivation levels are really high and you are able to set goals for yourself.

B- This is the action stage where you take the first steps to achieving your goals and are stable.

C- When there is a ‘stop’ point in your lives and you’re not doing that great.

D- This is the death stage when all comes to an end. (This stage could be a very important trigger to do well again)

E- When we finally pick ourselves up and move on.

It is how a coach guides you from stage C above directly to stage E, without letting you get to the death stage or stage D with ease, that really makes a difference between coaching and effective coaching.

sugar-loaf-pao-de-acucar-1679285_1920Getting from where you are in life to where you really want to be will keep you constantly motivated and happy. Hence it is really important to be able to know what you can do so that you unleash your potential and have the lives that you truly want.


Here are some really great examples of how attending a Breakthrough Coaching and NLP Seminar helped these individuals to achieve a goal that they had set for themselves:

  • Health coach Zaunty shed an amazing 15kgs in weight by uncovering secondary gains and now, even coaches others.
  • Chairman Anil found a future direction and created “Aagosh”, an expansive new organisation for healing and growth in North Delhi
  • Artist Nutan, after years of procrastination, started writing the ending of her book
  • Trainer, Healer and coach Saumya discovered her authentic true self and found the confidence to impart training as well.
  • Healer Dr Arvinder had a spiritual awakening and found her purpose and divine self
  • HR Manager Uday healed his relationship with his wife and also became an in-house coach at work, shifting the lives of many others in a positive way.
  • Business owner and Yoga teacher Dr Kamaraj let go of his hesitations, became more focused with his work and got faster results with patients.

In conclusion, you may not always have someone that is unbiased and non judgemental to help you with your issues. That is why it is highly important that you are equipped with those tools to be an effective coach to yourself and also help others in a way that is highly beneficial to them. Breakthrough Coaching with NLP has helped me to not only get to the root cause of ,my issue but even understand why there is an issue in the first place. I am now able to be gentle and kind to myself when I self- coach

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