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As I am a belts and braces kinda gal, I have also placed the booklets in the footer below. Along with the "geeky" downloading steps. Do check the e-mail out. I share which is the best book to get started with and how to get the most out of the books. 

Personal Development 

Set your goals and  clear limits to get what you want in life from health & love to wealth.

Emotional Well-Being

Eliminate stress, physical tension and anxiety to feel healthy.


How to heal illness, helping kids perform & grow spirituality.  

Peace of Mind

Detach from the ties that bind and attain peace of mind and freedom.

And here is the bonus...

The 10 keys to Confidence 

So I was not very confident as a teenager.

It's the reason I wrote these 10 skills.

Which  I have used on myself and with my client's to feel more confidence. 

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