An on-line mentoring program for coaches to have thriving coaching practices 

Grow your coaching business

Grow professionally as a coach

Grow personally as a coaching professional 

This on-line coaching program is for you, if any of the questions below describes you:

  • I have become a coach, now how do I get clients
  • I have an idea of a coaching program but I do not know how to get started
  • I have a thriving business but keep hitting a road block to expanding further
  •  I need mentoring and guidance on coaching clients in different areas
  • I know I can do it, but lack of confidence and experience holds me back
  • I want to learn how to short cut to success from an expert
  • I am seeking motivation, reassurance, clarity and drive

The on-line coaching program 

"GROWTH" is focussed on:


More Clients

How to attract the right kind of client and amplify their success to build loyalty and referral


Less Stress

Have more focus and clarity on your offering with precision on your strategy, product, price, promotion and place of service.


​More Confidence

Develop your coaching skill and prowesse by getting mentoring and support on the client work

What You'll Get...

One live coaching call for 10 of the months  on Professional Development 

One live coaching call for 10 of the months on Business Development 

On account of the holidays in the month of January & June there will be no live coaching calls - there will either be a guest speaker, video teaching, on-line activity or a pre-recorded call.

On-line support via what's app and facebook

The program is for 12 months and starts in October 2019

The calls will be at 2pm IST, 4.30pm Bali Time, 5.30pm Canberra Time

on the 1st and 2nd Thursday of the Month.

What Will You Have To Contribute...

Complete the exercises in between classes

Coach and Mentor new coaches joining the program on the same skills you have learnt

Share your successes, insights, wisdom and learnings with the group

Feed forward on the on-line coaching program and how to make it even better

What Will You Need...

Good internet for the Coaching Calls

Have a what's app and facebook account


So your next step is to complete the application to qualify for the on-line Coaching Program, Growth


Summary of What You’ll Get...

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    One monthly call on professional development for 10 of the months 
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    One monthly call on business development  for 10 of the months
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    Access to on-line resources and support group

All these now for just:

$80 per month for 12 months


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