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International Speaker & Author Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD).

There was a time in my life when I did not feel confident and that prompted me to coach myself to increase my confidence. I used to be scared of speaking in public, lived in fear of being judged at work and lacked the confidence to even say hello to a stranger, let alone a romantic interest! I desperately wanted to start my own business, but somehow I felt, I fell short of my potential.

I was shy, timid and preferred to hide in a corner away. 

As I coached myself in techniques based on Neuro-linguistic programming and Life coaching, I noticed my confidence started to take off.  I could speak in public with ease, believed in my own abilities and was more relaxed at meeting strangers. Eventually I left my corporate job and started my own business. 

I realised confidence was not about how I looked on the outside or what I had achieved, but it was about how I​ felt on the inside. 

This prompted me to write these 10 tips to confidence that I have shared with tens of thousands world-wide, including my high fee paying clients.

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"I felt so confident that I finally starting writing my book, that I had been putting off."

Professor Nutan, Author


"I re-built my relationship with my wife and started my own training business, Khushi Learning."

Uday Singh, Business Owner

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