From Law Business to Owning Her Business

From Law Business To Owning Her Own Business: A Very Personal Story Of How Former Lawyer Ms. Rackhee Trust Left Her Career As A Successful Lawyer, To Become A Business Owner Of A Now Thriving Coaching & Healing Practice

Is your day job leaving you tired, unfulfilled, and yearning for more from life? Have you ever wanted to pursue your deepest dreams, but are held back by fears and negative, limiting thoughts? So was Rackhee, and through her training with Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD), founder of Vitality Living College, she went on to make an effortless transition from a successful law career to an abundant healing practice. During her participation in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Breakthrough NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), her transition tremendously accelerated. Within a very brief period of attending these workshops, Mumbai based Rachkee Trust became a fully practising holistic healer, transformational life coach and the founder of Ojas; an organization dedicated to facilitating healing from within to help others manifest health, wealth, career & relationship goals using various skills including the ones she learned with Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri’s in the seminars.


Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Breakthrough Coaching with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) work with emotional, mental and health issues, and often, miracles of swift and thorough healing of illnesses and emotional trauma take place and the release of fears are commonplace. These healing modalities and powerful transformational coaching tools can also work wonders for when you want to change your career or want to live the life of your dreams, by erasing limiting beliefs and eliminating past negativity to program success, abundance and living in the moment. This is what happened to Rackhee Trust when she experienced EFT Practitioner, Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, EFT Advanced Practitioner and Breakthrough NLP with Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri and Vitality Living College.

Rackhee Trust: From Lawyer to HealerRackhee recalls, “My journey began very early in childhood, around the age of 3-4 years when I had questions about the purpose of my life and why I needed to be here in this physical body.” Her first turning point occurred in 1999 when she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. It was during this period when she discovered the healing power of Reiki. “Back then, the seeds were sown for me to be involved with the practice of healing in some capacity, although at the time I had no idea of the possibilities and avenues of how a career in that field would materialize.”

Rackhee followed a traditional path and studied to became a lawyer. Not long after working, her yearning to proceed into healing and coaching full-time became stronger, and this coincided with her second turning point, when her parents were separated in 2007. Her search for true inner happiness, self-empowerment and the merging of the spiritual and mundane life intensified. This is when she stumbled upon EFT, experiencing the instantaneous release of her emotional blocks within a two-hour seminar. Rackhee began practising EFT on her own, by learning through online videos, but found that this wasn’t taking her as deep as a direct experience in a live training environment. Left searching for more, she began to reconnect with Reiki when she came across Vitality Living College and their courses in emotional well-being, personal development and spiritual growth.

On finding out more, she had a strong calling Ojas logo Rachkee Trust from lawyer to healer to attend the upcoming Breakthrough Coaching NLP seminar with Dr. Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD). Following her intuition and not fully knowing why she was “called”, or that the experience would propel her to living her life’s purpose, she booked her seat. During one of the sessions known as Parts Integration, Rackhee not only had a deeply healing and profound experience of feeling one with herself, she also had a vision represented by a 1,000-petaled lotus, flooded in a magnificent pink-fuchsia light, which she instantly knew was to be her logo for Ojas, and is now part of her branding represented just the way she “saw” it.

Rackhee goes on to share, “The more I ‘met myself’ with Breakthrough Coaching NLP, the more I began to recognize who I am and what I truly want. It became clear that being a healer was my future, but I didn’t know when, how and what steps to take for it to manifest and whether it would actually be a successful profession.”    As Breakthrough Coaching NLP wrapped up, Rackhee realised that Coaching with NLP had the power to manifest all her life goals. At this time, her new path began to spontaneously unfold. Within just a few days, Rackhee started to apply the skills she had learnt during the training, which began making a difference to the lives of others while also earning her a living as a healer and as the founder of Ojas, her own venture. “It felt as though the seminar was over too soon; I was able to break through many old limiting beliefs and traumas that I didn’t even know I was carrying. I was very excited to do the same with my clients and spread the light!”

After Breakthrough Coaching NLP, Rackhee wanted to learn more, work on a particular relationship challenge and become clear on the steps to making Ojas a successful reality. She came back for EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner Training, where she worked with a single-minded focus of healing herself to be able to to live her dreams.  Specifically, during Matrix Reimprinting, Rackhee completely healed her inner child by clearing conflicts as well as limiting belief systems that were holding her back from pursuing her life’s true calling. Describing her experience in Matrix Reimprinting, she says, “I had the knowing that I am that being who is here across all time and space and who is here just to be. There is nowhere to go and nowhere to come from. Nothing to do. Just be.” Breakthrough Coaching with NLP planted the seed in her belief system that she could be successful in her own healing practice.

The next seminar she attended was the EFT Level 3 Advanced Practitioner training, during which the action steps to make her dream become a reality became clear and concrete. “After finishing with EFT Level 3 Advanced Practitioner, everything began to unfold spontaneously and effortlessly. All the reasons I was holding on to my job as a lawyer fell away and I was prepared to take that leap and give Ojas my all. Looking back, I had a lot of limiting beliefs about having my own healing business; for example, I believed that it would not pay well and that I would need a regular day job to actually make money while perhaps being a healer on the side. In EFT Level 3 Advanced Practitioner, I was not only able to clear my limitations, but also manifest my vision and make my dream unfold into reality. My organization, Ojas, has been going from strength to strength, and there has been no looking back as the changes and transformational experiences in the seminars with Rangana have been lasting. My transition has been such a blessed, magical and wonderful journey!”

Rackhee is an inspiration to many, not just as a gifted healer, but as a soul who recognised there was more to life, and was able to work through her own demons by believing in herself and trusting in her dreams. She concludes, “I still love and respect the lawyer within me who is still alive. The world of law has taught me many skills for which I am very grateful. Now as a full-time healer and life coach, I work with complete surrender, and success comes naturally; my future feels very bright, like a divine gift. I enjoy embracing every moment, not knowing what will unfold next, and accepting and living life to the fullest. My transition from being a lawyer to becoming a healer and life coach has been a journey of unconditionally accepting all of myself and healing everything that has prevented me from achieving my deepest life goals and dreams.

“EFT and NLP are truly not just a workshop, healing modality, technique or process, but a journey that allows life to unfold gracefully. Using it as just a modality is limiting its power. Surrendering to the life force that makes the transformation happen, is where the magic lies. The journey with Rangana was a very dynamic, power-packed and intensive journey. I can’t call it just a healing workshop or seminar, it was truly a journey of coming face-to-face with myself and all that which was preventing me from following my life’s calling. The love quotient was ever-increasing throughout all the seminars. Rangana’s love, energy, and golden heart shone forth in every moment.”

“I deeply recommend Rangana’s transformational work for anyone who wants to experience an exciting life metamorphosis. These beautiful journeys are a great combination for those who already are or want to be healers and practitioners. It is the perfect fit for very deep and profound inner work. I’m extremely grateful to Rangana for this journey.

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