EFT Presenter Guidelines

An EFT Presenter can give talks, retreats, weekend seminars, day long seminars, 2-day seminars, 3-day seminars or a series of seminars over a set time. They can also make they own themed seminars in partnership with VLC.

 Benefits of being an EFT Presenter is can facility, EFT sessions, theme sessions, for example weight loss, stress relief, anxiety and depression.

The Benefits to being a local Ambassador:

  • Can facilitate EFT seminars and workshops to groups of people
  • Can earn money by having paying seminar delegates
  • Get on the track to become an EFT Trainer
  •  Increase your own client base, earnings and fee-paying clients

What we will offer you?

  • Training to become an EFT Presenter
  • Training in specialty topics to be able to present it to an audience
  • Ability to list your talks, mini seminars and group workshops on the website
  •  Get on the track to become an EFT Trainer and certify Practitioners

What we will want from you?

  • Follow the VLC code of conduct
  • Follow the VLC continuous professional development guidelines
  • Provide the free booklet link to all your attendees
  •  Can facilitate the following and provide the support materials to accompany the training:
    • Lose weight, not your mind!
    • Overcoming the fear of public speaking
    • Goodbye to fear and phobias
    • Healing heartbreak and hurt
    • Freeing Anxiety, Depression & Stress
    • Healing the past and opening to love
    • Moving on from grief and embracing life
    • 21 day “FREEDOM” Tapathon
    • Energy for Performance (Corporate Wellness Program)
    • Powerfully YOU (for Teenagers)
    • EFT in the classroom & assembly
    •  Customised Themed Training co-developed


  • Is an EFT Certified Advanced Practitioner and has completed the annual continuing professional development requirements, including mentoring and supervision hours and committed to completing the requirements annually.
  • Has completed Inner Child Matrix Training & Breakthrough Coaching with NLP Training so as to understand communication and rapport
  • Conducts a minimum of 4 client session a week with 200 practice sessions in the year with a minimum of 33 clients in a year.
  • Has completed 3 paid mini-seminars as an EFT Facilitator and provided a summary of the feedback forms and one video of your best mini-seminar
  • Has gained the one to one experience in the themed seminar that you want to facilitate, for example if you want to share the EFT module on depression has worked with clients with this label and has the relevant experience and case stories

Do’s & Don’ts


  • To conduct oneself in keeping with the code of conduct and continuing. professional development requirements and sign up to the terms and conditions on becoming an EFT Facilitator.
  • To behave in a manner that is professional, ethical, welcoming, non-judgmental creating an environment of safety and empowerment.
  • If your clients are seeking a talk or seminar or any kind of group work that is different from what you have been trained for, then get in touch with us immediately before committing to your clients.
  • In the unlikely event you have any concerns, doubts or complaints then send an e-mail straightaway or initiate a conversation with your main contact at Vitality living College.
  • Charge for the seminars and workshops as per the pricing guidelines.


  • Bring either EFT, the Vitality Living College brand or yourself as an EFT Facilitator or EFT into disrepute
  • Commit to something we have not aligned on, for example any changes in pricing or providing a different seminar from what you have been trained in.
  •  Provide workshops that are greater than 3 hours in length.

Your Next Steps

  1. Fill in the EFT Presenter Application to be able to join the EFT Presenter Training
  2.  On being accepted, you will then be invited to come on Presenter training and will get trained on: :
  • How to present workshops to groups of people
  • How to present the different themed agreed workshops
  • How to structure themed seminars and workshops