EFT Facilitator Terms

A.  These terms form a legally binding agreement between Emotional Freedom Technique (“EFT”) Facilitator (“EFT Facilitators, you, your, yourself”) and Vitality Living College and/or its subsidiaries and affiliates (“VLC, we, us, our”).

B. By agreeing to this agreement, you are complying with all our terms and conditions and clauses mentioned hereinafter and as provided to you under the Code of Conduct. Please note that this agreement has to be read in alignment with the Code of Conduct, and failure or ignorance to do the same will not absolve you from the terms mentioned therein

C.  We hereby reserve the right to modify, add or delete any part of this agreement without any prior written notice/ intimation to you. It shall be your sole responsibility to periodically review the terms, for any revisions thereto.

E.  EFT Facilitator:

 E1.  An EFT Facilitator is an advocate of EFT and either one of the following:

  • EFT Practitioner,
  • EFT Advanced Practitioner,
  • EFT Senior Practitioners,
  • EFT Presenter or
  • EFT Trainer.

By the way of these terms, the EFT Facilitator shall partner with VLC to offer their Services, as mentioned in detail herein.

E2.  Benefits of being an EFT Facilitator:

  • Being recognized as the local expert
  • Part of an elite group of facilitators, preferentially referred to clients
  • Increased confidence as a Facilitator
  • Receive a financial gift by means of commission for any bookings, as mentioned in this Agreement
  • Increase your own client base, earnings and fee-paying clients

It is to be duly noted and understood that the benefits mentioned herein are not exhaustive. You may or may not incur the benefits as mentioned in this Agreement, and VLC does not take any responsibility and is free from any such claims.

F. Duties of EFT Facilitator

On VLC approving your application and accepting and admitting you as an EFT Facilitator at VLC, your duties would entail the following:

F1.  As an EFT Facilitator and as a brand ambassador for VLC, you agree to embody our vision, values and code of conduct.

F2. You agree to follow our continuous professional development guidelines

F3. You agree to spread positive awareness for EFT, how to use it and what is it for while sticking to what it is clinically indicated for

F4.  You must be able to facilitate the following:

  • Emotional Wellness with EFT Tapping
  • Emotional Wellness at Work
  • Freedom from stress
  • Freedom from stress at Work
  • Mental health awareness
  • Mental health awareness at Work
  • Borrowing Benefits classes on topics communicated to you
  • Energy Yoga, for 20-40 minutes to boost energy and vitality.

F5. You agree to conduct a minimum of 3 client sessions in a week, and 156 practice sessions in a year. You also agree to conduct these sessions with a minimum of 25 clients in a year.

F6. You agree to provide the approved companion manuals and online modules to the clients.

F7. You must tag us on social media so we may also share your work on social media.

F8.  You must use the VLC branded slides and booklets for all talks and mini seminars.

F9. You agree not to charge for the introductory talks and mini seminars.

F10. You agree to share the free booklet and introductory seminar affiliate links in all your communications about the mini talks. By doing this, bookings made at a later date shall also be credited to you, and you shall receive all affiliate commissions owed to you. 

F11. There must be complete transparency and honesty on both sides in the event our clients approach you directly or your clients approach us directly through documented communication either in an email or WhatsApp (we will set up a WhatsApp group only between yourselves and us for speed of communication).  

F12. You agree to assist in at least ____ EFT Training Program annually.

G. VLC Obligations towards EFT Facilitators

G1. Complimentary training for you to become an EFT Facilitator

G2. _____ sessions, where VLC trains you as an EFT Facilitator.

G3. Formats and layouts for mini seminars, where you will be given the option to develop your own Borrowing Benefits classes style

G4. Announcement of your EFT introductory session with bookings links on the website.

G5. Preferential listing on the VLC website as an EFT Facilitator and your own website page, subject to successful completion of the annual mentoring and supervision hours.

G6. Follow up e-mail that goes out on your behalf to your attendees, letting them know about next steps which includes information about your private practice and EFT Training Seminars

G7. Payment of ____ per person booked and fully paid for the first seminar or package they choose to attend (for example, EFT Mastery Package, Breakthrough Coaching NLP or EFT Practitioner Training) as a result of your efforts (these can be either from your contact list or they have attended your introductory sessions and you have provided them with details of training).

G8. Opportunity to conduct introductory talks on our behalf to corporate organizations, NGOs and so on.

G9. To feature you as an Elite EFT Facilitator, preferentially recommending clients to you, where we might communicate your fees in advance, to the clients. We charge a 30% commission on the fee, for the same. The commission is charged on all clients routed, or directed, to you, through VLC. This includes clients approaching you after the seminars, or introductory sessions, hosted by us.

G10. Training in how to host an EFT Swap Meet and give live demonstrations and be featured to host at least 2-3 EFT Swap Meets in a year.

G11. Quarterly EFT Meets together to deepen awareness as an EFT Facilitator with new tips and techniques to grow yourself professionally

H.  Pre-requisites for applying as EFT Facilitator

H1. You must love EFT as a therapeutic and coaching tool and must be a fan of what it is and how it works and wants to spread awareness, about it

H2. You must be an EFT Certified Practitioner, at minimum, and should have successfully completed the annual continuing professional development requirements, including mentoring and supervision hours and committed to completing the requirements annually.

H3. You must have completed the Child Matrix Training, and must be an EFT Advanced Practitioner, even if you’re not certified as one yet.

H4. You must have completed 6 EFT complimentary introductory talks, either as an EFT Ambassador, or as an Independent Practitioner, and submitted a report on the same. 

H5. VLC has the right to not associate with you, incase you do not meet the pre-requisites, and can terminate your position as an EFT Facilitator.

H6. You want to work together with the VLC as a brand ambassador and put the effort in to be established as a:

  • Local Expert - Become an expert in your local area, for example: The city you live in or the locality.
  • Subject Expert - Become an expert in a specific subject, for example: Teenagers or weight.

I.  What are the Dos and Don’ts of becoming an EFT Facilitator?

I1. Dos

  • To conduct oneself in keeping with the code of conduct and continuing. professional development requirements and sign up to the terms and conditions on becoming an EFT Facilitator.
  • To behave in a manner that is professional, ethical, welcoming, non-judgmental creating an environment of safety and empowerment.
  • If your clients are seeking help which is different from what you have been trained for, then get in touch with us immediately before committing to your clients.
  • Ensure that due permission must be taken from the clients, for the use of testimonials received by them, for publication on VLC’s website. 
  • To charge the clients for the seminars and workshops, as per the pricing guidelines issued by VLC.
  • In the event you have any concerns, doubts or complaints, send an e-mail straight away or initiate a conversation with your main contact at VLC.

I2. Don’ts

  • Bring either EFT, the VLC brand or yourself as a VLC Brand Ambassador of EFT into disrepute. VLC reserves the right to terminate your position and disassociate with you in the event you are found to be involved in any activity which defames, or brings the brand and/or the practice to disrepute. 
  • The EFT Facilitators agree to not directly or indirectly solicit, take away or divert, or attempt to solicit, take away or divert, the works learned under the guidance of VLC or patronage of any client/alumni/other members with an intention or for the purpose of providing services that compete with the services provided by VLC unless so approved by VLC in writing.
  • Commit to something we have not aligned on, for example any changes in pricing or charging for free seminars or changing the pricing with your clients

J.  Registration Fees

No registration fee has to be paid to enroll as an EFT Facilitator, as the same is provided in the spirit of collaboration and working together. However, the same maybe modified at a later stage, at the discretion of VLC, you are advised to go through the revised terms, as and when they are uploaded.

K.  Terms of collaboration

K1.  VLC would partner with you and will allow you to be represented under the VLC Branding and support you in becoming a VLC Facilitator as follows:

  • On receipt of your application VLC shall take about 4-6 weeks to review the same and the next steps shall be communicated to you.
  • On being accepted, you will be invited to a facilitator training where you will be trained on:

L.  Confidentiality

L1. The EFT Facilitators agree that all the conditions herein and any materials provided during the courses shall be kept strictly confidential as against third parties unless such disclosure is required by law. In the event of such disclosure by law, prior permission from VLC shall be received in writing (emails permitted).

M.  General Provisions

M1. Jurisdiction:  The contract shall be governed by and constructed according to the laws in force in the United Kingdom. In case of any dispute, the courts in London shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

M2. Special Admonitions for International Use: Recognizing the global nature of the Internet, you agree to comply with all local rules regarding online conduct. Specifically, you agree to comply with all applicable laws regarding the transmission of technical data exported from India or the country in which you reside.

M3. No Waiver: Any failure, delay or forbearance on the part of VLC in:

  • exercising any right, power or privilege under this Agreement; or
  • enforcing terms of this Agreement, shall not operate as a waiver thereof, nor shall any single or partial exercise by VLC of any right, power or privilege preclude any other future exercise or enforcement thereof.

M4. Severability: The Parties hereto agree that each of the provisions contained in this Agreement shall be severable, and the unenforceability of one or more provisions of this Agreement shall not affect the enforceability of any other provision(s) or of the remainder of this Agreement.

N. Changes to the Agreement

N1. We may update this Agreement from time to time. We will notify you of any changes from time to time. These terms are effective as of ______

O. Contact Us

O1.  In the event of any questions or suggestions kindly notify ________ and VLC shall get back at the earliest.

You Agree to these terms and conditions unless terminated by either party by giving a notice to the other.