Matrix Grads

Matrix Grads

Congratulations on completing Matrix Reimprinting training. 

Please find below the inspirational you tube links including:

  • Lynne McTaggart speaking about intention and it can help plants grow and lower crime rates
  • Bruce Lipton’s explanation of where the memory is stored
  • The dog experiment with Rupert Sheldrake
  • Already healed chant reduces tumour size narrated by Greg Badden
  • The trailer for Living Matrix Movie

A list of our favourite Books, Music CDs and DVD resources can be found on the link. The full music playlist from the course is at the bottom of this page.

The one’s mentioned during the course were:

  • The Secret – film
  • The Intention experiment – book by Lynne Mc Taggart
  • The Living matrix – film
  • The Biology of Belief – book by Bruce Lipton
  • The Moses code – I AM that I AM film
  • Matrix Reimprinting with EFT – book by Karl Dawson
  • EM wave heart math coherence sensor
  • The Body bears the burden – book by Dr Robert Scaer
  • The Inner Talk CDs with subliminal messages (full music provided on dropbox)

As part of your on-going integration do put in place a self-development program, which can include:

1. Weekly salt bath or shower with Lavender for next 4 weeks. Sea salt or rock salt is ideal. This will help draw out the toxins from the body.

2. Matrix swap sessions with fellow graduates. What this means is to book weekly sessions with another Matrix graduate. On the Facebook support page you can also connect with previous graduates too. Recommend weekly swap sessions for at least 6 weeks after the course. You can alternate between giving and receiving. When you give a swap session you will notice that you also receive.

3. A daily routine that uplifts you and makes you feel good. Some examples below:

  • Walking and chanting I AM that I AM at the same time. Feel your feet on the ground as you walk. Notice every step that you take. Become very mindful of walking and noticing yourself as I AM that I AM. You might even touch what is around you and say I am that I am.
  • Finger holds daily on waking and before sleeping – Finger holds for relaxation.
  • Sending out your new reimprinted images (colour, texture, sound, taste, fragrance) to the field and daily meditation from the heart radiating out how the image makes you feel.
  • Kundalini Shaking Meditation, ideal at the end of the day – Kundalini shaking meditation. See image and instruction below. (music provided on dropbox)

Kundalini meditation new

  • Breathing exercises. Breathe in for 6 and out for 6 counts every 1.5 hours.
  • Drinking enough water to hydrate your cells as well as flush out toxins (half your (llb) body weight in ounces). So 160 Llbs weight=80 ounces=2 liters
  • Increase the amount of green food raw intake into the body to nourish the cells
  • A daily meditation practice that works for you

matrix logoYour contact details will be provided to Karl Dawson and you will be added to the Matrix Reimprinting newsletter. There is an enormous amount of information on the Matrix Reimprinting website and do browse the site.Practitioners can join for £99 (Rs 7,920) and get access to teaching videos and information library as well as get listed on the site.

How do I become a Practitioner if I have completed 4 days training?

Those who completed 4 days training and were already EFT 2 Practitioners with Vitality Living College were awarded Matrix reimprinting practitioner status at the training. For the others, on successful completion of EFT 2 case studies you will be awarded both EFT 2 Practitioner & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner. No additional case studies are required for Matrix Reimprinting. 

How to become a Practitioner if I have completed only 2 days training?

Either attend an additional 2 days Speciality Series Matrix Reimprirnting training and get certified after successful completition of the course.


Register on the matrix website and pay £99 and watch 15 hours of on-line videos. Then complete an on-line exam (40/50 pass mark) and a certificate will be mailed to you. Once you are awarded Practitioner status you can also place your full details on the website.

The £99 registration fee includes many hours of both required and optional video education on using Matrix Reimprinting for a variety of issues and your 1st years practitioner listing on this website.


Music playlist from Seminar: