Liberating Touch EFT

Steps to FREEDOM – Use daily for 28 days


1. Place the hands on the upper chest and rotate in a circular motions and repeat the entire phrase 3 times and then touch all the tapping points (facial points, collar bone, under arm and top of head) while focusing on the key phrase. Opening this body mind and heart consciousness to the energy and experience of _______________________________

2. Place your fingers of either hand in the centre of the other hand’s palm and focus on your exhalation (count 9 exhalations). Then say out loud, releasing all resistance, confusion, conflict, limitations to ______________________ with each exhalation

3. Hold the thumb – Liberating myself from any (all) worry and attachment connected to this ___________________________

4. Hold the index finger – Liberating myself from any (all) fear and attachment connected to this ___________________________

5. Hold the middle finger – Liberating myself from any (all) anger and attachment connected to this ___________________________

6. Hold the ring finger – Liberating myself from any (all) sadness and attachment connected to this ___________________________

7. Hold the little finger – Liberating myself from any (all) effort and attachment connected to this ___________________________

8. Rest both hands on the heart – Surrendering to the expansive and infinite possibilities of LOVE & TRUTH Thank you, so IT IS (repeat the key phrase silently), IT IS SO.

9. Rest one hand on the heart area and the other hand on the solar plexus or belly area while whispering the key phrase. 

10. Take a breathe in and out and a sip of water

More information from the founders of Liberating touch – Ranjana & Eddie Appoo