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Congratulations on attending your Introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

It was a pleasure meeting you during the seminar and below find more resources that you might find useful:

The EFT Tapping Process

EFT postcard

7 Steps to freedom

Daily Exercises to get your energy boosted quickly.

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EFT Tapping to boost your energy

Finger holds for Relaxation

This is a relaxation self-help treatment based on a Japanese Ancient medicine known as Jin Shin Jhytsu.

Hand Web newHold the fingers one by one and keep breathing noticing yourself coming into stillness and just this moment. Breathe in for 6 and breathe out for 6.

A great way to remember which finger has which emotion is CLEAR Worry FAST. Thumb = Worry (sucking the thumb as a child), F-Fear, A-Anger, S-Sadness & T-Trying Too Hard. Then place the palm on palm to harmonise despondency. Breathe in and out 9 times and hold for 20 minutes to open into the Ocean of Bliss.


Repeat daily as part of a self help stress relief and relaxation routine.

I am always amazed how suppressing our emotions can lead to illness like Cancer, High Blood Pressure, Depression and Diabetes. Find out the 5 harmful effects bottling up emotions

Emotional Well-Being Articles

Negative energy clearing meditation 

An Introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) with Clinical Information.

Clinical stamp JPEGEFT is clinically proven to reduce stress, tension, fears, phobias, post traumatic stress disorder to enable health, happiness and vitality. Here is a slide presentation that has the scientific and medical information.

Introduction to EFT with clinical information


Articles on Emotional Freedom Techniques

What are the common fears and phobias, eliminate them for good!

How to reduce weight easily – Steps to eliminate cravings

What stopped me from achieving – Limiting beliefs!

Your next step are to:

1. Use the tapping process as part of a daily self help process
2. To learn more attend an EFT workshop – latest schedule can be found on – Book me.
3. Let your friends and family know about the Free booklet so that they may also benefit












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