EFT Level 2 Practitioner VLC

Congratulations EFT Level 2 Practitioner

EFT practitionerCongratulations on becoming an EFT Practitioner with Vitality Living College. Really congratulate yourself as you have completed the required training, demonstrated your skills during the training days, passed the Multiple choice exam as well as successfully completed all your case studies.

You can now proudly say that you are a Vitality Living College Certified EFT Practitioner and have been trained to a Superior Global Standard with a College that is certified as a Trainer of Trainers. The training you have completed is at the highest level and you can provide the same standard to your clients.

For those of you who are planning to charge your clients for sessions we advise that your charges are above the market average and reflect superior quality training. We only certify those Practitioners who operate at the highest level and meet or exceed the Global Standards.

If you are not already a member, please do join our facebook EFT community where you can ask your questions, share success and meet other EFT Practitioners. This is a secret group to ensure the discussions remain private.

As part of becoming an EFT Practitioner with Vitality Living College you are also signing up to a code of conduct which entails completion of 30 Continuing professional development hours annually. Six of these hours have to be one to one supervision/mentoring or 12 hours of group mentoring.

Attendance of the Momentum Groups (EFT swap sessions) or Mentoring Groups can count towards your group supervision hours (one day is equivalent to 6 hours). If you need one to one supervision sessions they can be booked by contacting us or your Trainer.

The remaining hours can take the form of re-attending EFT training, attending other well-being and personal development seminars, writing a review of a personal development or watching EFT DVDs or audio programs.

Please keep your own log of continuing professional development as I conduct spot checks from time to time. For ease I have attached 4 documents:

1VLC CPD and Mentoring Requirements

2. VLC CPD Recording Sheet

3. VLC Code of Conduct and Ethics

4Learning & Development Plan

If you feel you are ready to kick-start your private practice please go to Business start-up to get yourself started. If you wish to continue your learning journey with EFT your next step will be EFT Level 3 Practitioner Training.